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48 replies
  1. GNTHR
    GNTHR says:

    Who ever thought that a celebrity claiming he is an engineer shilling shitcoins would be a supporter for the space? At least I hope that his overvalued stonk will suffer as he for sure loses a ton of customers now … who he thinks would be able to afford self burning vehicles at 80k price point? All I would say is BTFD and keep stacking the sats …. real value on the discount.

  2. Randy Boody
    Randy Boody says:

    You always provide such great value in your videos,one of my best channel here on YouTube mate,I am a musician, last year I got slammed because of covid.luckily I got told about crypto.I put my money into crypto, now I make good money and get to still wright/play music but with so much less stresse about $$$ I'm a new world I never thought existed!!

  3. Italrish
    Italrish says:

    It appears to be a conflict.with the solar panels and electric cars. Share holders worry it compromises their image. All bs really. Whales are more rare lately and smaller I investors are taking over. Institutions have a real issue holding cash right now so they'll be here soon.

  4. Patrick
    Patrick says:

    Great Video Toby !!
    I couldn't Agree More, Your statements are so True.
    btw what is this new coin ICP ?? { in the top ten } what are your thoughts about it ?

    AMAN SINGH says:

    Also pointing out the obvious, mining crypto using cheap renewable energy is the most profitable thing miners can do. If crypto goes mainstream then it will become the strongest financial incentive to invest in and develop renewable sources of energy, boosting the production of solar, wind, etc and shunning fossil fuels to make electricity.

  6. Adriano Sverko
    Adriano Sverko says:

    For those of you wanting to invest in electric cars, and want out of Tesla, look at the Rimac Automobili ecosystem. They looking to build a factory in Germany and are partnered with Porsche & Chinese electric car fund.

  7. Deidre Livingston
    Deidre Livingston says:

    Elon isn't selling his Bitcoin. Keep that in mind. He knows the value. And yes, think for yourself. We don't need celebrities calling the shots. Bitcoin has proven itself for 11 years.

  8. Bhagwant Singh
    Bhagwant Singh says:

    Sir can you make a video on holochain ( Hot ) . As it has great intrinsic value but still for some reason it is not growing as much it should. Please take a look at holochain .

  9. Lyle Dubois
    Lyle Dubois says:

    Thank you for all your videos, Ever see what it takes to mine and smelt gold , underground mines, open pit mining, not to mention lithium and creation of rare earth magnets?
    I completely agree. A man doesn't become a billionaire without others losing money.
    When I saw him on SNL , IMMEDIATELY I realized he's an eccentric, out of touch with mere middle class . Odd would be a polite word.

  10. John X
    John X says:

    The whole point of this space is global decentralized commerce and governance to replace the legacy of corrupt and incompetent concentrated power. Using tech to empower the individual rather than the elites. Google, FB, et al., have all sold out to the corrupt State, like they would to the Nazis, for all of us to see. Elon is my favorite billionaire because he knows this. But at the same time he’s constantly threatened by the central planners that if he doesn’t toe the line like Google, FB and the rest he will be destroyed.

  11. Yew Duh Syde
    Yew Duh Syde says:

    I like your guys content. Your totally right I've never liked Elon and I believe him to be an egotistical @$$. He laughs at how idiotic people are because they worship him like a god and do as he commands. Absolutely pathetic


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