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20 replies
  1. aedelya
    aedelya says:

    Doge foundations are so solid that the coin pump or crash based on some guy on twitter talking about it, or making a tv skit lol.
    At least it gets some people a entry point in crypto

  2. Dave Tromp
    Dave Tromp says:

    Doge has a fixed block reward of 10.000 doge. Currently the inflation rate is about 1,2%. As time goes by and many more blocks are mined the inflation percentage will become less and less. At some point it will be almost zero.

  3. Nancy J
    Nancy J says:

    Do Not call wanting to survive inflation greed. When people see how much money our government is printing it’s a survival instinct to try to find a way to survive it. If cash is dying what do you expect people to do? Of crypto is going to be the currency of the future then you’re going to see a lot of what’s going on right now. It’s a natural inclination. Don’t let your Airs get ahead of you.

  4. Joe Glogowski
    Joe Glogowski says:

    Dogecoin is an entry level red pill.

    What starts as "lulz let's buy this funny coin!"

    Turns into "FIAT is a scam!"

    … And once you take the red pill you can…. never go back… maybe ol'elon is planting fertile seeds

  5. Crypto Concept
    Crypto Concept says:

    DOGE is being pumped by mainstream to normies. Why? I dont know, maybe a psy op maybe just organic group think. If doge can do this, imagine what the valuable ones are going to do soon. Keep hodling.

  6. William Justice
    William Justice says:

    Can’t trust Musk, or Cuban. Both are completely compromised and reliant on the global banking syndicate for financing, credit ratings and more. They’re Wolves in Sheep’s clothing, caveat emptor

  7. Kishore Yalamanchili
    Kishore Yalamanchili says:

    Safemoon has roth IRA-like tokenomics. Penalty for selling eliminated much of the algorithmic trading shenanigans. It is a setup that in theory makes for recurrent pump and dumping which is actually “good” in that model. MANY people are in crypto to make “fiat gains” and no coin is “worth” any more than people make it worth. All coins will have the early adopter benefits as do most stocks (venture capital pre listing price) vs the listed price.


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