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0:00 Charlie Munger Hates Bitcoin
1:50 How big can a 10 k portfolio perform in this bull market?
6:35 What are your thoughts on Crypto indices?
11:03 What is your percentage drop prediction for the upcoming bear market?
16:00 what’s your view point on solutions like Casa?
20:20 Do you think you could regularly provide at least one credible good counter on the bearish side (that you don’t believe is FUD)
22:37 Options of using btc as collateral for loans.
25:26 What is your opinion on yield farming / fusion pools etc?
27:15 Impermanent Loss Explained

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17 replies
  1. Sara Finance
    Sara Finance says:

    T•h•a•n•k•s• f•o•r y•o•u•r w•o•n•d•e•rf•u•l r•a•t•i•n•g•s• a•n•d c•o•m•m•e•n•t•✓✓✓✓
    D•o• w•e•l•l• t•o• w•r•i•t•e o•n• w•h•a•t•p•p•s•
    H•i•s s•t•r•a•t•e•g•i•e•s a•r•e• t•o•p• n•o•t•c•h•💯💯 +••"1••"8••"0••"3••"8••"8••"7••"7••"7••"4••"7••"0••"🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷

  2. DD
    DD says:

    The whole point of these people bashing bitcoin is because they can't manipulate the system to get rich on your expenses. Every time during human history they have done the same thing, create crisis to steal the wealth. Imagine the total world wealth as a pie. If you hold 1% of the world wealth, you hold 1% of the pie. And your money today would be worth more tomorrow (as purchasing power). BUT given that they have the ability to print money out of thin air, they can double the size of the cake split it between them while not changing your size. And your 1% will become 0.5%, the same applied with the other people who aren't part of the big club. It's a disgusting thing of redistribution of the wealth. At the end of the day wealth is relative to how much the others own.
    If btc succeeds then they will lose this huge privilege and have to work in order to make money. That's where the whole issue lies.

  3. Hell Bound Express LLC
    Hell Bound Express LLC says:

    $1.00 for an e
    ETH transfer is still way high when compared to BNB and even BNB is way high when compared to SOL (Solana).. SOL transaction fee $0.000005 and the speeds of the transactions are instant!


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