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0:00 Hodling vs Swing Trading
6:37 Better to buy BTC first or Alts?
7:13 What are the indicators you’re looking for to have a new coin to your long-term hold list?
11:45 When (if at all) do you think it’s best to use stop losses? And when do you think they are not useful…possibly even harmful?
15:03 Is there an option to earn interest in fiat so a passive income could be used instead of holding or re investing
18:12 Stimulus checks affecting the market, short and long term?

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27 replies
  1. Etienne D'Aunay
    Etienne D'Aunay says:

    Pretty sure Heidi had at least ONE margarita before filming this segment 🤣 if not, she sure was in RARE form!! SPUNKY – maybe Toby too (note: Hester is a woman, not a man!) 😳 Also, she is very smart and quite friendly to cryptos…

  2. Mike King
    Mike King says:

    Not to mention the fact that the US government is now being run by dumb 30yr olds with art degrees. The planet is headed like a freight train towards a massive currency crisis and inflation. Your paycheck is your greatest wealth building tool as Toby has proven.

  3. Dawn Marie
    Dawn Marie says:

    Hello, Just started watching you both and love it!!! Can you let me know between Theta VS Solana which one would you put more money into long term?Also what safer wallet online should I put them into longterm?

  4. Tad Anderson
    Tad Anderson says:

    Trying to figure out NFTs, so like could you NFT for pieces of the crazy ride boards. Like you took it on the head so many times a few years ago, well like 10 yrs??? Pretty sure it was Nazare.. like keychain size foam block. Or am I way off on my understanding of NFT … digital token locking something physical??


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