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0:00 For BTC what are the chances of the price going to drop back to the current level (40-50K or lower) in the next bear market?
7:09 Are there any good and secure wallets to use on your computer?
8:20 Hardware wallet options
9:30 Portfolio trackers
10:30 Would you do it?? Converting one BTC into ETH?
11:00 Choosing the Best trading pairs
12:09 Taking out crypto loans for fiat
13:40- Leveraged Trading and Whale Manipulation
14:45 Binance alternative for US citizens
15:25 Transaction history of your coin
17:50 Anonymizing your BTC & Virgin coins

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31 replies
  1. Tom Lecometros
    Tom Lecometros says:

    You guys are my heros. I wish I got into crypto sooner. I have several "disobedient" steps complete. I need this bull run to go. If it does I will be in your shoes, just a smaller size shoe. 🙂

  2. 01 02
    01 02 says:

    your tutorials are on Ledger?? I mean, how?? b/c trying to keep up but that's a new concept for me.

    or do you mean there's a Ledger social media website?? and you posted your videos there??😯

  3. Hammoth W
    Hammoth W says:

    How to get coins into a hardware wallet from exchanges without having a trace for hackers to follow? (you mentioned to Bisk to Monero and back then to hardware wallet) is it that way, or that is just for if hacked coins??

  4. 1967MGC
    1967MGC says:

    Having bought my BTC at $5,222, I'll never have to sell. I drool over the returns I'll get from DeFi down the road. I'm not earning interest on it until the industry matures more.

  5. Porphyrogenitus [ポーフィ]
    Porphyrogenitus [ポーフィ] says:

    My opinion is somewhere between Heidi's and Toby's.
    I don't think Microstrategy or Tesla are going to be here to hold our bags – they'll take profits, too. So the end of the bull market will be severe. BUT it will be V-shaped: it will come down to somewhere around 20K, but not for long. They'll swoop back in and hover it back up at bargain prices. Then it will go up again to around that 40K mark and most of the accumulation phase will be spent in that 40K-50K range most likely.
    So don't be whale-food or expect them to stand there and hold your bags while you take profits.


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