VPN Tricks with Crypto for U.S. Citizens

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37 replies
  1. K.L. Staples
    K.L. Staples says:

    Thank you for this timely video! I’ve been trying to download Mullvad with a prepaid card & denied. I’m over wasting my time and opportunities trying to “get away with something” and wading through sketchy exchanges The USA will get their meathooks into us one way or another, as will anyone’s country. If cryptos are that good of an investment, they’re worth doing it transparently. Plenty of opportunities out there.

  2. Falcone
    Falcone says:

    Tried using Exodus wallet (small test amount ) only to find that Washington State doesn't approve crypto. So deposit in limbo. Pissed that Exodus didn't warn ahead of time

  3. Dana Engh
    Dana Engh says:

    I looked for this vid in the patreon group to ask a question but didn't see it so I'll do it here. Is a VPN to avoid kyc as one way to get around uncle sam?
    I am seriously considering saying screw reporting my tiny profit just this once, see what happens and face the consequences head on if any.
    I plan on setting up a self directed ira for all my other purchases going forward.
    This has been on my mind a lot lately so any feedback is much appreciated 💕

  4. Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee says:

    If we don't do KYC in Binance and we deposit $50k….will Binance eventually force us to do KYC before they release our funds back to us. Could they do this someday in the future? Have you heard people's funds got stuck on Binance and they didn't release it back to them? If you turn 50k trading into 1 million, will we be able to withdraw it easily without doing KYC even if we wish to go through the route of 2BTC withdraw limits per day? ❤❤❤

  5. Champ
    Champ says:

    You don't need an exchange to get tokens, you just need to get them using places like uniswap and pancakeswap. Or changenow and simpleswap. All of the new coins are on these platforms.

  6. Douglas Kuhn
    Douglas Kuhn says:

    Yes, VPNs are probably the only way to avoid the cuckoldry of being a U.S. citizen, the only other way to bypass this is to roll your own blockchain with exchange capabilities. This requires one to know the code, specifically Rust and WASM, implement the code on Substrate and create a relay chain to other blockchains. This is not easy, but it is easier than it was. The only way to get around human law, regulators and tax authorities is to code the only law that matters…The Code Is The Law.

  7. JustAjoke
    JustAjoke says:

    I bought some btc on binance back in 2017. I just logged on to check it and I have some other coins I’ve never bought on my account and it also has the US blocked bs which they didn’t have back in 2017. so how do I get my btc off of there now? I wanna just store it offline in a hard wallet for now. Another question, where did those other random coins come from? I never bought them and don’t know what they are

  8. n0nam3given
    n0nam3given says:

    The GREATEST risk of all was not mentioned here, a risk FAR greater than just losing ALL of your money, getting locked out of your account. That risk? Running afoul of the IRS!! If you have any ownership interest in, or control over a foreign account (i.e. Binance dot com), you MUST file papers with the US authorities. There are three different reporting requirements. And if you think you're going to sneak around, make profits, and sneak them to a cold storage wallet…. think again. They will find you and they will CRUSH you!!!!!

  9. Average Joe44
    Average Joe44 says:

    I was dealing with this today. I want to get some Solana but can’t find it on US exchanges. I am too conservative and don’t want to use a vpn. I guess that’s just the way it goes. Thank you for the video. Perfect timing. Will you be doing videos on stablcoins to swap to when the bull run ends?

  10. PsychoTech
    PsychoTech says:

    I can't even use Binance US with the state that I live in. – If you want to be a bit more. Check out Mandala – They use BinanceLiquidity and they wont be as hard on you. – do some research and check it out.

  11. Barry Butler
    Barry Butler says:

    Great topic Heidi. I was hoping it might be more of a deep dive. I’ve used VPN in some cases to great affect, but try to just be in and out, and limit myself to exchanges I’m already familiar with from the good ole days. Cheers!!


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