Since we are in a bull market you should prepare a good exit strategy to take profits. Here I’ll explain how my exit strategy looks like and how you can create yours. Good luck!

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0:00 Intro
3:01 3 pillars
5:28 Based on timeframe
7:34 Based on Bitcoin price
10:31 Based on altcoin price
13:11 Stick to the plan!

15:21 My personal plan

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Disclaimer: I’m not a professional financial advisor and everything I say in my videos is just my own opinion and for educational purposes only.


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32 replies
  1. R James
    R James says:

    Reminder that the ongoing rumours of new digital passports linked to bank accounts make it imperative to accumulate Bitcoin Litecoin and crypto urgently…🌬..🏊🏾‍♀️…🏊‍♀️

  2. Menno Niesink
    Menno Niesink says:

    2017 (gambling) you cannot compare with this cycle
    Bitcoin went from 0 to 60000. And is growing far beyond
    So every coin will be ×50-100 in 5-10 years.
    Hodl, hodl, hodl.
    Quentin and his mates are looking after big returns. Its not necessary. I am 46 years old. My perspective is hodl, hodl, hodl. My €300.0000 × 3-4 is more than enough.
    It will be times 50-100
    Don't go with the Young Ones…

  3. Craig Edwards
    Craig Edwards says:

    When you say total portfolio, in this example are you only selling your eth, btc and link holdings? Or by total are you selling a portion of all your holdings, eg: xrp, ltc etc ?

  4. Tom Somers
    Tom Somers says:

    A 20% Capital Gains tax in the U.S. comes into play. Michael Saylor says never sell, just borrow what you need to live on very comfortably, because Bitcoin (or Ethereum) will outperform whatever it is you go into if you were to sell.

  5. William John
    William John says:

    I almost Fainted 😿😿😿when i lost my capital. Basically i usually go into any business without been guided. But all thanks to my mentor and role models who has open me up to endless opportunities.

  6. Beth Miller
    Beth Miller says:

    Are you concerned about Bitcoin scarcity and not really being available on exchanges like it is now?
    Also, we might not see Bitcoin drop as far as the last cycles because of the intense institutional investing who will NOT be selling when the price starts dropping. The will just buy more BTC.

  7. Twohit Fever
    Twohit Fever says:

    Kan je niet speculeren op een vast bedrag? Bedoel hierbij mijn doel was voor 150k te halen ik sell dan 75% en 25% laten runnen en price targets zetten voot terug uit te stappen in 3×8% ? Of is dit geen goed idee.

  8. Simon Stabij
    Simon Stabij says:

    Into what do you sell? btc to usdc ? Alts when btc drops into btc? stacking satoshis or going to fiat? and through which platforms!? like if uniswap is flooded … and eth fees are huge.. for those gem alts, it's rough to time at right prices right? Maybe loopring is an option?

  9. Peter Olofsson
    Peter Olofsson says:

    So just a question? What are you selling it to? Euro / USD / Stablecoins? Why would one sell the entire portfolio right now, with the inflationary risks in the current markets?

  10. Tjeerd Schiphorst
    Tjeerd Schiphorst says:

    Nice video Quinten. Question, why do you only focus on BTc ETH & Link? If you have other altcoins in your portfolio as well, how do they fit in this exit strategy? i mean, when you talk about selling 25 % of the entire portfolio, does this mean that you are selling portions of other coins as well then? thanks again for this video

  11. Luke
    Luke says:

    Where do you put your exited amounts of cash into? Do you put it into BTC where is it going? Everyone talks about the exiting but what about the reallocation of your withdrawn cash?

  12. Aventus
    Aventus says:

    I think the timing is good, because when everything goes parabolic, no one thinks about an exit strategy, so it is better to inform us now. But what is your stance on the current market, do you think we are at the beginning of a bear market or is this just a corrective period and we will continue the trend upwards?


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