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2:00- 2:50 Alternatives to Uniswap
2:50- 4:35 New IDO on RAY
4:35- 6:55 When to take profits on ADA and SOL
6:55- 8:20 Expectations for this bull run
8:20- 10:50 How is this cycle different?
10:50- 12:00 Benefits of the bear market
12:00- 14:17 Benefits of holding USDC vs USD
14:17- 15:27 How to store coins that aren’t available on Ledger hardware wallet
15:27- 16:17 Which exchanges do you use to purchase crypto?
16:17- 18:53 Can top 10 alt coins still 10x?
18:53- 20:35 Is USDC taxable if you convert it back to fiat (USD)
20:35- 21:40 Will ETH decouple from BTC price movements?
21:40- During dips like these, do we wait or sell some also?

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26 replies
  1. Pedro Azevedo Dias
    Pedro Azevedo Dias says:

    I have been watching your channel a few months ago and I’m really thinking on joining your Patreon! Pitty I haven’t saw it before I have been living near Nazare last year and it would really cool to meet you guys! Keep it up and have fun in Indonesia 🤙🏻 Might head to Bali in September/October. Peace ☮️

  2. Bret Ohrazda
    Bret Ohrazda says:

    Great video! Regarding USDC, USDT or even DAI, you forgot to mention how much interest you can make staking them. If you aren't going to trade with these coins, but you'd like to maintain your dollar value, you might as well gain interest. We all know you can't get anything with USD anymore, unless I'm mistaken.

  3. Gabriel Pereira
    Gabriel Pereira says:

    I’ve been an enthusiast but I’m just now entering the market and I’m considering becoming a patreon. Does the patreon offer things like answering questions and/or interaction between patreons?

  4. THOR
    THOR says:

    my accountant told me to sell off just to get my profits because Biden's taking away all Trump's tax cuts,talking to some of my friends their accountants are telling them to do the same because taxes are going up ,do you think that Bitcoin is going to be really volatile until we start getting used to the new taxes in the states?


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