AllianceBlock ($ALBT) aims to be the future of finance by connecting traditional finance markets with decentralised finance (DeFi). The firm is building a new financial infrastructure, utilizing modern and innovative technology such as blockchain and DeFi, which will be used by both DeFi and traditional market participants. AllianceBlock is building a number of products which will act as the foundation of this infrastructure. Through this, the firm aims to change the global financial industry in the way that PayPal revolutionized sending and receiving money.

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I’m not a professional financial adviser and you should always do your own research. I may hold the cryptocurrencies talked about in the video.


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  1. VickingVic Bubble
    VickingVic Bubble says:

    "This is a project that is going to be fair, inclusive and equitable" . Fair! great! but equitable? is that just another empty use of a dangerous word. Will all customers come out with the same amount of money. For ex. Should I stake 10x another user, we would both get exactly the same return?
    As soon a I hear these words being branded out I become very suspicious suspicious!

  2. rasheed ahmed
    rasheed ahmed says:

    I'm Rasheed (Rachid) too lol and I hold a big bag of ALBT. It's a great deal for the project to be the bridge between Cefi & Defi. Surprised ALBT is still trading below $1, it's such a steal right now.

  3. gold nutter
    gold nutter says:

    I like the term AUTOMATED finance.. most people don't need to know why DLT matters or how it works, they just need good interfaces and robust infrastructure 🙂

    Most of the traditionally human bound, bureaucratic anchored functions are inefficient no matter what the financial entity is. Maths and code ? doesn't care about a cut, at least nothing more than the treasury/fee/insurance/collateral requirements of course.

  4. crandf
    crandf says:

    ALBT is so undervalued now. Traditional finance won't go down without a fight, so of course they will be trying to enter blockchain and DAG technology as well. ALBT will pave the way for both to merge


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