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22 replies
  1. The Tourminator
    The Tourminator says:

    I agree one should buy the dip. I think I speak for everyone though, at this time (1am eastern time April 18) prices are tanking uber-fast. Heck, I haven't seen a freefall this hard since Sandra Bullock in the end of GRAVITY. I hope this is a very temporary dip, rather than a HUGE dip that lasts more than a year, which happened a few years ago to crypto.

  2. Mauro Battista
    Mauro Battista says:

    Black Rock is coming. I think we will have some nightmares in the near future. My altcoins will be twisting around like in a whirlpool 🤣🤣🤣🤣 i will take some pills and forget about it and go ahead 😉👍

  3. r57w9w88
    r57w9w88 says:

    Turkey didn't ban crypto, they didn't even ban any exchanges. What they banned was crypto payments and intermediary services that let you transfer money to exchanges. It is still allowed to buy crypto as an asset but now you can only send money to exchanges using a bank. I'm thinking this is because right now Turkish government cannot keep track of crypto and they are laying foundation for the bill they will introduce at the end of 2021 which will involve some kind of income tax on crypto gains. It is also possible we might see something like in south korea where you can only buy crypto from centralized exchanges based in Turkey.

  4. Joshua A. Kennedy
    Joshua A. Kennedy says:

    I predict with in the next 10 years the internet will go down. A version on Dr. Faluchi for internet will tell us Gateway went down and we are working on it. What they will be doing is putting each country in Virtual private Network. In order to move "Bitcoin" from one country to another you need their global currency they cant print into oblivion.

  5. Anthony Roberts
    Anthony Roberts says:

    USA always have to put USD first – they go to war & kill over it (sure crypto is pissing them off)
    Down today in fiat level but up in cryptos all up.
    I had a feeling we would drop so had sold a little over the last few days.

  6. Tommy Seacat
    Tommy Seacat says:

    I thought that Cramer quote was funny, exactly opposite. Phoney money indeed. I thought that odd also, he has a mortgage? Supposedly this Wall Street wizard with his own show for decades? Never paid off his house?

  7. 01 02
    01 02 says:

    got here late, 2 so rewinding & starting the Live from the start..& Turkey might not b able 2 'ban' it fully but Erdogan is nuts & they might JAIL people..or tax them to death or BOTH. so, to our Turkish brothers & sisters:
    please be careful.

    and I really want to relieve myself of a potential crypto tax burden, I want OUT of my American citizenship as soon as I can afford it..which might be awhile because my income is very limited [I had a career in the medical field, then fell ill].

    but even if it takes me 5 years or more, I want OUT..dual citizenship, then out of USA citizenship – then, preferably, at least 1 or 2 additional good & helpful citizenships elsewhere…and for so many more reasons that the crypto issue but that story/those reasons are for another day.

    so many thanks to Heidi & Toby for sharing their info.👍☯🌈☮

  8. Gino
    Gino says:

    Really appreciate your down to earth details about the market, keep up the great work 👍👍👍Love you guy's 👍👍👍👍👍👍


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