Blackrock CEO on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency | Turkish Central Bank Bans Crypto Payments | If you invested $1000 on January 1st… | DOGECOIN New All Time High | THETA NETWORK New All Time High | Binance Coin BNB Token Burn ($595 million) | Unbound Finance Testnet, PAID Network, Unilend, Oddz Finance | Plasma.Finance, PPAY, ARPA, 1inch, Kyber, Mantra DAO | Cardano ADA available for IRA/401K retirement with iTrustCapital | Rothschild Corp buys 250 Grayscale ETH Shares | Citi Explains DeFi to Fund Managers | Vox Crypto Hypocrisy and Terrible Journalism

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0:00 Blackrock CEO on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency
3:41 Turkish Central Bank Bans Crypto Payments
7:45 If you invested $1000 on January 1st…
9:06 DOGECOIN New All Time High
12:50 THETA NETWORK New All Time High
14:28 Binance Coin BNB Token Burn ($595 million)
15:40 Unbound Finance Testnet, PAID Network, Unilend, Oddz Finance
18:20 Plasma.Finance, PPAY, ARPA, 1inch, Kyber, Mantra DAO
20:15 Cardano ADA available for IRA/401K retirement with iTrustCapital
22:50 Rothschild Corp buys 250 Grayscale ETH Shares
23:56 Citi Explains DeFi to Fund Managers
25:27 Vox Crypto Hypocrisy and Terrible Journalism

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37 replies
  1. Hootan S.
    Hootan S. says:

    What's the Dogecoin use? Ehat problem does it solve? Peoples stupidity completely baffles me, these are the same people when they're making money they see the government as a bad thing and when they lose money they look for the government to bail them out or in this case not if but when the Dogecoin crashes they'll involve the regulators, cry and blame everybody else for their loss but themselves, but more importantly it'll give the regulators the chance they've been looking for to go hard at crypto and make it look like bank with requesting licenses and following their guidelines, crypto meant to do exactly the opposite of what these uneducated retail investors are doing, and they will mess it up for everyone else who have been working hard everyday for a better future and safer investments for everyone. Once they lose their money they'll say that crypto is scam even though they know it was themselves, they ignored all the warnings don't take their stupidity into consideration. Just ask yourself who is working on the program and if it fails or has issues who is going to fix the problem? What's their support if you come across any problems with the program itself? So when the Dogecoin fails and it will fail, just blame yourself and don't point fingers at anybody else but yourself.

  2. Cloud Tribe
    Cloud Tribe says:

    I think at this point you can't afford to not have Doge in your portfolio, it clearly isn't going anywhere. Probably the closest thing poor people have to a money printer and I salute those who've made bank so far off it.

  3. Nicole Cynthia
    Nicole Cynthia says:

    The fact is, BTC is the future of crypto and the questions traders ask themselves now is if this is right time to invest?
    before jumping into conclusion i think you should take a look at things first. for the past few days the price of BTC has been fluctuating which means the market is currently unstable and you cant tell if it is going bearish or bullish. while others still continue to trade without the fear of making lose, others are being patient. it all depends on the pattern with which you trade and also the source of your signals. i would say trading has been going smoothly for me, i started with 1.5 BTC and i've accumulated over 7.5 BTC in just three weeks, with the trading strategy given to me by expert trader Harvey Archer. His methods are top notch and profitable and he can be contacted easily on Teleqram (@harveyscrypto) cheers.

  4. uhlijohn
    uhlijohn says:

    Theta is the future of the internet. Theta Labs is a technology company more than a crypto. Doge is a joke! That is like comparing GM or Mercedes Benz to Tesla! Tesla is all smoke and mirrors and has NEVER shown a real profit. It is all sizzle and no steak.

  5. WingX5
    WingX5 says:

    Shiba inu coin is the new meme coin that is going after dogecoin big rally this last couple of days! They are releasing their own DEX and other coins please research it and let mention?

  6. Digital Asset Investor
    Digital Asset Investor says:

    Apparently,this is a great video . However,Bit|coin is on quite the run, with little sign of stopping. I know people hate saying "this time is different" but the amount of banks, institutions, and companies who have invested hundreds of miIIions of doIIars with the intent to hold long term: how can we refute that this may be the "super cycle" everyone is talking about? The conditions of this buII market are unIike anything we have ever seen. βͲ↻ still has a ways to go in terms of gro wth, I have been in the crypt0 world for just over a year now and I have been able to make 31 βͲ↻ foIIowing the reasonable adv!se and tradn s!gnals from Ewan Cormac, a pro anaIyst that is always one step ahead of other tradrs, he runs a program for serious minded investor/newbies who are curious to e arn from bit coin regardless of the current price chart. You can easily get_to Ewan Cormac on 🆃🅴🅻🅴🅶🆁🅰🅼 (@cormac_signal ) for all crypto related inquiries…

  7. Jeremy Dugan
    Jeremy Dugan says:

    the creator of this doge coin made it has a joke back in 2017 bull run. and when it started pumping again this time. He warned every one that it doesn't do anything. guys at my work are all talking about it to me cause they know I am in to crypto since 2017. I told them I was not into it. all these phone apps now for the average people can get into crypto is good for the sector as a hole, But I think a lot of these people don't really know what they are buying into.

  8. jdelgado216
    jdelgado216 says:

    Even under cryptocurrency standards doge can be considered insanely volatile, if you have money for spare you can trade for it and see how it goes but I'm not sure I'd go with it instead of other coin projects

  9. Sandy Shoals
    Sandy Shoals says:

    I never got into $DOGE. However, I did pick up a bag of $HOGE!!! It's been a wonderful rollercoaster ride!!! I'm personally in profit territory atm, but many made a killing during the opening pump. Now, it's time for the "True Believers" to have their turns!!! Join the $HOGE Fam. For FUN and PROFITS!!!

  10. Iggy Pi
    Iggy Pi says:

    I'm in cryptoland since 2013 and never owned a single doge, because I never mined LTC myself….I like the doge community BUT never would invest in a fun coin…..Elon would be better for riding the hypetrain for digibyte, the true peoples coin….but thats only my 2cents as always, kudos to anyone bringing home that big juicy doge beacon

  11. Burak T
    Burak T says:

    Thanks for the video, liked and subscribed! As a Turkish trader, i felt very embarrassed after that news. They have f*cked up the country for years… Unfortunately hidebound and ignorant people have been managing to Turkey. Hopefully, we're gonna get rid of erdoğan first in the next election…

  12. Patrick Lovelace
    Patrick Lovelace says:

    Thanks for the instructional video. I like the way we stand up for Tradn and Hodlin alone and confuse most of them when it comes to buying and holding coins as a company. This is dangerous as the analysis of future expectations is largely wrong. No one knows the future without a doubt when BTC or the ALTs talk about surrender and an investment where the police take full responsibility. You need to be sure of when this happened before. 3 years ago we thought it was a surrender when BTC went loyal from around 20,000 to 4,000 and could be relied on to get back on its feet quickly and find new highs. You need a great framework to be effective in the crypto market. Anything can happen at the lookout point. A tip for beginners and advanced learners is to be careful if you don't fully understand or understand what you are doing as it is just like Krypto Individual in terms of Mabeutleder or Mabeutlderes or FOMO, but follows the money. I was constantly directed by Anthony Ben who shared examples and characters. That alone even made me a dealer. He is an incredible investigator and amazingly good at planning exchange procedures for different market situations and his characters are correct. I advise you to trade your BTC using precise brands and methods. You can all contact him at Ͳҽӏ ҽ ցɾ ąʍ @ anthonyben01.


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