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22 replies
  1. Gene Basler
    Gene Basler says:

    Too late to get into crypto? I think people need to understand crypto is the only thing that is going to exist. There’s only gonna be two kinds of people in the world. People who are in crypto and people who are dead. Period.

  2. Glen Wilkinson
    Glen Wilkinson says:

    Having googled 'strategy Walter Bulls" you can find a really cool persona. He made a fortune for himself a couple of years ago. Not long ago, such services have appeared that allow copying the results of experts. This personage clearly shows how to copy him in automatic mode using such services. We gotta try while the market is on the rise

  3. paul eglinton
    paul eglinton says:

    This morning, all the crypto channels I subscribe to are lined up on my news feed to report the big news, some with 500k subs. I chose to watch crypto tips first. Toby's unique insights is at the top of a long list of reasons. Thank you

  4. TheDroneGuy
    TheDroneGuy says:

    We got a special Tax for all trades and proffit. you have all the investment money on a ISK account and the tax is only 0.372% :)). im in Sweden thats for crypto and stonks or what ever you trading

  5. Noel Bartholdi
    Noel Bartholdi says:

    Hi Team! Toby once said when the bull run ends he will transfer from alt to stable-never to sell BTC. Can you please address this? I’m super new to the space. Very happy with my investments thus far, just want to be prepared for the Bear.


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