The ECOMI Ecosystem is a secure digital economic ecosystem supported by Ecomi Technology Pte. Ltd.. ECOMI aims to bring blockchain technology to the mainstream in one user-friendly platform. It offers the many benefits of decentralization, privacy, and control in the palm of your hands, made possible with our Secure Wallet and ECOMI One cards. At the core of ECOMI is a desire to create a range of usable and functional products, which will be achieved using a mixture of existing technologies, proprietary tools, and numerous standing partnerships.

ECOMI aims to address current security issues associated with the use of applications developed on blockchains and cryptocurrency, through the Secure Wallet, and ECOMI One (physical hardware). If private keys are not stored offline, they are potentially exposed to greater risks. Since the beginning of cryptocurrency, billions of dollars have been lost to hackers and theft, and the most secure and practical solution thus far is to store your cryptocurrency / private keys, and decentralized applications (DApps) access on an offline device, such as a cold-storage hardware wallet.

The economic aspect of the ECOMI Ecosystem consists of creating a digital finance management platform allowing users to spend fiat, cryptocurrencies, and OMI Tokens (the native ECOMI Ecosystem token), anywhere around the world. The 2nd generation of the Secure Wallet, the ECOMI One, aims to offer P2P exchange of digital assets, lower transaction costs, increased speed of payment, and overcome international payment boundaries.


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00:00 Introduction to ECOMI
03:31 OMI Price Prediction

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48 replies
  1. Arman Gerami
    Arman Gerami says:

    The tokenomics r gonna make this project worth so much in the future its actually gonna be insane. Plus the team is awesome not to mention the INSANE EXPONENTIAL growth there having in beta. Deff not gona see this baby under 1 cent for long

  2. Warrior Life
    Warrior Life says:

    Omi omi omi omi omi I will hold it whether it reach $1 or $10…its a great concept and greatest team…m not backing ecomi or nft…i back the absolute awesome team

  3. ECOMI
    ECOMI says:

    Wow! thanks for the video review guys, we really appreciate all the support, and would be more than happy to come on for a chat if you're interested

  4. Jamie Henderson
    Jamie Henderson says:

    The wisest things that should be on every individuals list investment is the different stream of income and does not depend on the government to bring money especially now the predicament is hitting the economic pretty hard making money from the comfort zone of one's home will be the best and satisfied thing to do now

  5. A T
    A T says:

    Thanks! Deflationary token model and ease of access for mainstream makes this one really special set to explode!! πŸ”₯πŸš€

  6. Evan Shively
    Evan Shively says:

    What's crazy is how much money is to be made this early in crypto and yet the amount of people that are here and won't be able to make anything because they don't know a home run when they see it or can't do the most simple research to understand the project and its tokenomics

  7. Crypt Keeper
    Crypt Keeper says:

    With the MC where it's at I do not see a dollar anytime soon. But I definitely expect to see trading at a dime very soon!! Huge bags packed here ready to take off to the moon πŸš€

  8. Dennis Galloway
    Dennis Galloway says:

    My first experience trying to buy during a recent NFT drop was a disaster, they claim to be in beta but are offering prime NFTs. It took their App and hour and 50 mins to load:..once App loaded all NFTs were SOLD,,, thousands of the community of buyer experienced the same…Their systems could not handle the volume nor are the # of NFTs going to satisfy buyers… very disappointed …. it is my understanding that we can not withdraw our NFT purchases from their platform you are stuck there also only able to trade and sell only on their platform. They are obviously not ready for the world….Their augmented reality NFTs are pretty cool and that is the only reason it still has my attention. I would probably buy some OMI if I saw it drop to $0.004 just for shits and giggles

  9. leonidas orfanidis
    leonidas orfanidis says:

    With all respect and after telling you that i subscribed to your channel, you didn't analyze anything about this beautiful project. The team behind it is the best possible, the partnerships like Warner Bros, Capcom etc show the business plan and the potential is just so high for this coin.

  10. Interstellar Dweller
    Interstellar Dweller says:

    Biggest NFT project. 0.013 is likely this week. We hit that before. 0.02 is reasonable shortly after. It’s not even on a popular exchange. To use uniswap people find it difficult because they have to wrap their Omi. Wait for Kucoin or Binance! I think once people see the project they invest in it so it will go up fast. Keep in mind it’s deflationary so it won’t need to have a large market cap for the value of each Omi token to continue to rise. Omi is burned when people buy NFTs on their app β€œVeve.” Some can sell for thousands. You will even be able to stake Omi later. It’s such a fun project to invest in!


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