Bitcoin and Ethereum all time highs | Jay Clayton Warns of BTC Regulations | The Crypto Bull Case: JP Morgan, Citibank, Guggenheim | Ether to $2,500 based on Futures Trading? | Blockchain Banking with PointPay

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00:00 Bitcoin and Ethereum all time highs
01:35 Jay Clayton Warns of BTC Regulations
02:40 The Crypto Bull Case: JP Morgan, Citibank, Guggenheim
04:59 Ether to $2,500 based on Futures Trading?
06:21 Blockchain Banking with PointPay


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    money flowing into crypto and is fluctuating between 1.85tril to 1.95tril but bitcoin is stuck at 58k.. added the dominance is decreasing daily..Common sense rules that money is moving into the alt coins..Stevie wonder can see that! There is no bitcoin crash coming this is a whole new game with new rules and bigger established players.. just like a game started in the back yard and then the big organizations saw profitability by marketing it as entertainment for the masses, they jumped in formed a league with governing rules and regulations to make big money

  5. Jason Gr
    Jason Gr says:

    timestamps still not working natively on youtube. nice video other than that although the price predictions from the banks are their upper bound not their estimate

  6. Tyler Wiggles
    Tyler Wiggles says:

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  7. Blue
    Blue says:


  8. Bondii
    Bondii says:

    Now if eth can get to 2.5k when it is slow and expensive compared to other projects then that makes me wonder how the likes of Atom, Dot, Harmony One, Ada and Zil will be priced in 4 yrs ?

  9. Incentive Investments LLC
    Incentive Investments LLC says:

    Did Jay Clayton forget to mention that he has a business now that he’s no longer with the SEC that shows people how to get around regulations? Sounds like he’s promoting his business to me! Same thing with the bit license guy in New York!

  10. D J
    D J says:

    Great info but Bitcoin is global so what the Americans choos to do or mot do. Won’t really matter in the long run The USA government should’ve started mining bitcoin years ago instead of talking about regulating it they can afford it bitcoin is there a reserve currency and really rude in the way there’s still a chance they could do it they have nuclear power stations so the cost of producing electricity is virtually zero you also have high mountains and tension huge amounts of hydroelectric and deserts where the sun beats all day with nice flat ground ideal for solar panels Basically for free renewable energy which you could use for my bitcoin and then once all the coins have been mind the rigs could stay as notes validating the network and electricity from these new renewable generating power stations could be fed into the grid.simple. Maybe they’ll read this post and think it’s a good idea and do it if they do perhaps they could send me a couple of Satoshis


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