In Brazil, its adoption of blockchain has been so fast that, in just four months, 156 thousand pages of documents have been authenticated by this system of the e-Notary platform.

The information was disclosed through a statement recently published on the website of the Association of Notaries and Registrars of Brazil (ANOREG).

According to this document, this authentication in virtual format has allowed citizens send your documents via WhatsApp, email or any other electronic format, to public bodies or natural and legal persons. This will allow closing deals having the same value as the original document.

e notary brazilThe e-Notary platform allows citizens of Brazil to perform various services through videoconferencing. Source: onpi /

According to the text, the e-Notary platform was regulated in 2020 by the National Corregeduría de Justicia (CNJ) and is administered by the College of Notaries of Brazil. Allows citizens across the country to perform various services through video conferencing, no need to travel. The citizen has access to the notary directly through a computer, tablet or cell phone.

The press release mentions other services available through the e-Notary platform, among which are the various types of writing- sale, divorce, donations, inventories, shares-, wills, notarial deeds, powers of attorney and digital authentication.

He explains that blockchain technology is used for this last procedure through the Central Notary for Digital Authentication (CENAD) module, launched at the end of 2020, which allows authenticating copies of documents in virtual format. Whether an original, digital or even paper document, the platform allows it to be authenticated in PDF format, guaranteed by Notarchain, the blockchain network of Brazilian notaries.

Blockchain usage has grown due to the pandemic

According to the press release, due to the impact generated by the new coronavirus pandemic, the tool registered strong adherence by users, presenting an average monthly growth of 24% in the last year.

“The demand for the digital document authentication solution using blockchain grew even faster, at a monthly average of 163%, reaching its peak in the last month of February 2021, in which more than 71 thousand pages were authenticated” , reads the statement.

He adds that by virtue of the success that the e-Notary operation has registered, it is planned encourage the adoption of this platform by more users, as well as blockchain technology for other sectors that seek to optimize processes, reduce costs and minimize bureaucratic procedures. This can be done with public or private blockchains, such as Notarchain, which uses its own technology.

The use of blockchain technology in Brazilian notaries is not new. In the middle of last year, a notary used it for signature recognition.

As reported by CriptoNoticias on May 20, 2020, the initiative of the Paraiba notary public, Azevedo Bastos, will allow the firm to be recognized on the Internet as of May 14, 2021, thus transforming the way the population signs the documents.

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