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Good Morning Crypto

Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist


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  1. TALON
    TALON says:

    The US already supports crypto, everything in valued in dollars. The question is.. Whats it going to take for me not to cash out my crypto into dollars? Crypto has to be not only mainstream, but main street. If I need more bitcoin, how do I earn it? How do I avoid just buying bitcoin with dollars.?? The answer is METALS. Gold and silver backed crytpo changes the game. It's competition of pure money and the fact that the dollar has been suppressing precious metals. We need products that can ONLY be bought with crypto. Crypto marketplace is next level. Wheres Cryptozon? Cryptocola? C-BAY?

  2. Homer Slated
    Homer Slated says:

    Imagine if, in order to exchange crypto assets, you had to ride your pony and trap down to the local market, and exchange a bag of salt for a bag of Ethereum, then chisel the transaction receipt into a stone tablet.

    Well, look on the bright side. At least you wouldn't get reamed for gas fees. Although I hear that the hay you'd have to feed your horse can be quite expensive.

  3. Hunter McClovio
    Hunter McClovio says:


  4. Hunter McClovio
    Hunter McClovio says:


  5. hari dhillon
    hari dhillon says:

    finally. someone is saying it. the US is not just going to roll over when it comes to the $. The fed and the us govt never comes with a knife to a gun fight, no matter what all of us crypto die hards may wish. I hear what davincij and mm are saying, but this fight is far from over….

  6. Karl Bartz
    Karl Bartz says:

    Centralbanks, Governments, secret services the so called Elite and the Fakemoneyaddicted Mainstream Media will not give away the tools of the Fakemoney System because they want to continue this System of stealing Money by just printing it out of thin Air and redistribute the Money from the poor majority to the rich and wealthy by inflating the currencys. May be we will see Crypto price Manipulations with billions of printed fake money in new build and created evil or bad Banks as they did it with the Goldprice in Comex, or with paperfake cryptos . May be we will see Hacks of any possible kind on crypto Banks done by governments and secret services may be they will see that they will lose the fight against the upcoming crypo era but they will retard and hinder it to get at least some profits as long as possible. Time will show.

  7. Chris D
    Chris D says:

    IMF, Central Banks, China etc….they are all ready to go with a worldwide digital currency but the USA under trump would have never allowed a central bank digital currency. Will it happen under Biden? he's more pro china but we all know the USA will do 'whatever' it needs to do to protect the dollar and its worldwide dollar power…….BUT the big elephant in the room, how can the dollar not just survive but thrive under so much currency printing? whats the bigger picture the US know that we don't? Why are they not phased by printing money, something isn't right here and only time will tell!

  8. David Mercer
    David Mercer says:

    There's no way they'll replace the dollar using crypto. They're just going to reset it into a new digital fiat currency. Completely different than Bitcoin. I'm certain they will change the rules at some point along the way so that our gains will be heavily taxed


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