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BlockFi vs Celsius:


19 replies
  1. Jourdin Sellers
    Jourdin Sellers says:

    It seems like ploy by someone or something like Satoshi Nakamoto to expose the true nature of centralized currencies to all the people who got into not just currency but financial literacy in general as we move towards a new financial frontier.

  2. Scash
    Scash says:

    Thanks for the video. SwissBorg should be on your radar, especially as you’re based in Europe. Big emphasis on ethics & transparency. Great community, amazing app.

  3. The Real Deal
    The Real Deal says:

    Toby & Heidi- I'm a big fan of your channel, but I gotta say your research on BlockFi vs. Celsius was pretty weak! I would rather you do good research than rushing out subject matter. You offer your promo code for BlockFi, but didn't even know what your people get from it? Do you care? Celsius has a promo code too that benefits you and the new sign-up. Do you even know that? Celsius pays out 80% of profits to holders. Did you know Celsius is mining BTC too? I wish you would get Alex on and ask him questions. BlockFi is big with YouTube channels because they get more incentives to promote it. Celsius pays out more because they don't waste it on advertising and marketing. If you look into Alex's past accomplishments you'll see how legit he is. He is holding over $300 million in the Celsius platform. Maybe at least listen to one of Celsius Friday AMAs with Alex so you'll have more info before talking about it. I still love you guys, but you dropped the ball here.

  4. Jason Morgan
    Jason Morgan says:

    Why not voyager and keep your coins? There coin earns 7% interest starting next month and USDC 8.25% and can go up to 10% if you hold certain amount of VGX coins. Btc 6.5% etc.

  5. NewWorldMoney
    NewWorldMoney says:

    I normally love your videos but you guys did not do your research on Celsius…full stop!!! You sounded very ignorant. Get the facts and all serious questions answered for your viewers by having Alex Mashinsky (CEO) back on your channel. This time try to get his name right.

  6. Shanetico
    Shanetico says:

    Love your channel, subscriber for 2-3 years now! Fellow surfer as well👍🏼. So to be honest, I feel like you just scratched the surface of understanding the defi platforms and their yield practices. As you study them further I think you will change your opinions on some things. Celsius AMA videos answer all of these questions and concerns. Thanks y’all!


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