Kyle Chasse from PAID Network explains the hack and the future of PAID Network.


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  1. Homer Slated
    Homer Slated says:

    So much for audits, if Certik was apparently incapable of noticing that the seed phrase was right out in the open in a public git repo.

    I now have zero confidence in the integrity of smart contract audits, and neither should you.

  2. Michael Erkelens
    Michael Erkelens says:

    Sorry Ivan but a puff piece like this giving some project a pass on uploading keys to f**ing GitHub does not instill a lot of confidence in your journalistic credibility. You can’t just say s**t happens and move on when we are talking about millions. Grow up, grow a pair, put on your big boy pants and call it like it is.

  3. Edward Ferry
    Edward Ferry says:

    Oh my god … poor key management 😱.. your life’s work .. very sad. Some of the smartest computer brains on earth are in this space, to leave a fraction of anything open will be exploited. Hope things work out for this gentleman and those who lost money restored.

  4. Golf-hawk
    Golf-hawk says:

    Why is he in Thailand? What three letter agencies are being worked with? What country do the three letter agencies represent? Con man vibes are real strong on this one.

  5. Paul Fernandes
    Paul Fernandes says:

    Kyle please tell us current token holders that have our pre-hack tokens in our Metamask wallets how and when we will see the new v2 token airdropped? Will they simply arrive in our wallet as Paidv2 and therefore do we need to import the new v2 token address into our Metamask/ERC20 wallets for our v2 tokens to show up? I don't see the new v2 token on CoinGeko in order to copy and paste the new contract address. Please explain and instruct

  6. Lars Camps
    Lars Camps says:

    My inner compass tells me there is something fishy about this and Kyle's behaviour. His body language is portraiting something that doesn't match up with his story. Sorry for all the people who lost their money in this weird happening. Maybe they couldn't get any listings of new IDO's, because of Pols and Swap? Maybe there was some problems in the team?


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