QuickSwap, Matic, Starkware are leading the way for L2s, next big narrative?


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  1. Solly Amster
    Solly Amster says:

    Ivan love the outside video! Are you able to explain the difference when you’re transacting on layer two versus layer one? Do you have to move your tokens or coins to layer two if they are in your layer one wallet? There’s not much written on the Internet regarding this. I know liquidity has a lot to do with this also. I think it would make people feel more comfortable using later to swaps if they understood this better. Greatly appreciate it.

  2. FutureFlow
    FutureFlow says:

    Ivan is a good guy calling xdai & Honeyswap in time! Ivan is the 💎
    Uniswap’s UNI : ~ 6 billion mcap
    Sushiswap’s Sushi: ~ 2,4 billion mcap
    Pancakeswap’s Cake: ~ 600m mcap
    Honeyswap’s Honey: ~ 18m mcap

    xdai chain is the most used layer2 atm with organic transaction volume, and Honeyswap it’s swap.
    But the token Honey is a lot more than being a gov token. Its also changing to staking in March!
    Look it up before getting mainstream. 🥳

  3. Gene Combs
    Gene Combs says:

    I see you're in the ALT coin Forest I hope you beg you a good alt coin I've been hunting in my Forest here in Ohio I haven't seen the bag me one just yet I'm going to hunt for a few more hours good luck on your hunt signing off from the deep alt coin force of southwest Ohio oooooo i think i see one got go

  4. Ronni Zag
    Ronni Zag says:

    Hey great take on it. My oppinion??? What i Think will be the next binace smart chain? Zilswap. Its Just came out and its epic its the ziliqas solution for this problem that we experience now…. Look it up. Im accepting tips via crypto for this gem i Just gave out 😆


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