Amadeo explain what is Defi (Decentralized Finance) and how it’s transforming banking, fintech and the entire economy.
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  1. Ivan on Tech
    Ivan on Tech says:

    Amadeo is our good friend and course instructor in the academy, he also runs a Defi fund serving institutional clients. SMASH A LIKE OF APPRECIATION FOR HIM 🙏
    Btw – Beware of scammers and impersonators in the comment section. Dont contact anyone!

  2. Minden Barrile
    Minden Barrile says:

    @ Ivan-Thank you for hosting Amadeo! @Amadeo thank you so much for sharing your vision for and insights on DeFi! This is an exciting movement that I am so grateful to be a part of in its early stage. Looking forward to more of these videos! Thanks again guys!!

  3. R za
    R za says:

    Ivan, what are the risks to join liquidity pools and do farming on 1 inch for example !! It sounds too good to be true because of the very high yields they propose !

  4. Dominick Lozzardo
    Dominick Lozzardo says:

    Hey Amadeo! Very interesting. 🙏

    Any chance you could also:

    1. Break down the magnitude of Chainlink and its importance in detail (especially now after the OCR roll-out)? Maybe put it in perspective to competitors and the blockchain space as a whole + the future. Is LINK the monster many of us think, not at all, or just misunderstood? Because isn't the MCAP kind of cold?

    2. Discuss authorities' power, or lack thereof, to make crypto illegal? (Thinking of India's plans to ban cryptocurrencies domestically again, but allow blockchain to serve an official digital currency issued by India's central bank.)

    If you got a few minutes.


  5. skellep
    skellep says:

    Nice video!! I literally am watching defi 101 right now. My thought is it is dated already after less than 1 yr! Things move so fast. Cool to see an update video on defi after the Fed transactions freeze. Would be good to get up to date content on defi regularly. What about BNB protocol and its centralized nature, can central entities do defi better faster and cheaper? Obviously not defi then but still processing efficiency questions remain


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