This is a video analyzing what it would take for Bitcoin to reach $100,000 for 1 Bitcoin.


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  1. Qazaq Mustang
    Qazaq Mustang says:

    Realistically 50k in 3 years, but due to speculation much more likely 100k, because 1 to 3 million BTC are lost, so it is only about 13 mln out there available at any moment, 5trln/13 mln=384615 per coin. Which is nice, I buy me a new house, put some in more cryptos, travell,leave job, buy a motorbike.

  2. Simon H
    Simon H says:

    Guys honestly, stop wasting your time with bitcoin. Even if it goes to 100k or 500k, you can maybe 10x 20x 30x your money, but everybody and his mom knows that other cryptocurrencies could have much higher returns, you missed the bitcoin train, if you are starting with cryptos now, get over it, bitcoin train is gone for you, dont waste your time on it, inform yourself about other cryptos. The 1 Dollar to 10000 can still happen with any other cryptocurrency, bitcoin returns are very limited rn.
    Not here for a discussing, it's facts, get over it and start making smart money,
    good luck everyone

  3. Peter Meissnitzer
    Peter Meissnitzer says:

    In the near future if you know someone with 1 bitcoin he / she will be wealthy if you know someone with 10 he / she will be very wealthy , mark my words . Fiat currency is so worthless and deflating it's a joke . The buying power just gets worse and worse every year , they just keep printing worthless paper to prop it up sooner or later it will fold , Greece comes to mind or Argentina , the world is a changing for the better #$%^ the banksters / gangsters .

    Cryptocurrency actually has real value , BITCOIN especially it takes over 1000 US dollars to mine one BITCOIN THAT'S REAL VALUE unlike the paper junk printed , think about it .

    Ps . Please quit erasing my comments its called freedom of speech , and it's a constitutional RIGHT.

  4. Jack Jones
    Jack Jones says:

    That's just it Bitcoin already has Ether and Litecoin sharing some of that market cap with others coming down the pike no doubt, likely diluting Bitcoins market cap further, plus the hard fork issues like 2X brought forth. But I guess no one really knows. Thanks for video!

  5. Parcke075
    Parcke075 says:

    Cryptocurrencies will overtake fiat currencies eventually, because it is based on something tangible as is gold and silver although its tangible assests are energy blocks unlike fiats. We're already in a kind of modified cashless society in using cryptocurrencies, and to sone degree, credit cards.

  6. CryptoSavant
    CryptoSavant says:

    I made over 100k trading altcoins, do you guys think i should reinvest it all into bitcoin? that was my goal in the beginning when it was trading at 3k because back then i didn't have enough for one entire bitcoin.

  7. CryptoSavant
    CryptoSavant says:

    i'll tell you what it takes. MULTIPLE corrections. I knew the price of bitcoin wasn't going to drop at least 2k when it hits 10k and i was right. 10k was the sweet spot for a lot of bitcoin investors and they sold their coins and caused a few thousand dollar price drop. you'll see this multiple times again once it reaches 15k again, then 25k then 40k and 45 and 50k. i don't think it's going to hit 50k until spring 2019.

  8. Carl
    Carl says:

    130 billion dollars! – the tax men around the world should be real happy about this as Bitcoin set off at a value of virtually nothing so @ 20% capital gains tax that's 26 billion dollars they are owed and they are likely to get some fines and interest too as I suspect many Bitcoin winners think they don't have to pay yearly taxes on their Bitcoin paper profits!

  9. Fernando Velasco
    Fernando Velasco says:

    You forgot to include a few factors… people have lost bit coins due to corrupted hard drives, lost coins, etc… therefore it is deflationary… also it is a world/internet currency. There is about 80 trillion in the world when it comes to money… ever currency is inflationary… meaning the more it prints the less it’s worth. Hypothetically speaking, if everyone accepts bitcoin as currency, it’s value increases due to its deflationary tendencies compared to the other currencies that are inflationary.

  10. ultra
    ultra says:

    litecoin (LTC) is where it is at. far far higher return %%%! LTC is instant purchases . fact that these idiots are talking about ETH shows that the surge is alreaedy past.


  11. mel b
    mel b says:

    150 btillion if bitcoin 5% of the forex 3.5 trillion
    this mean 45x
    900×45- 405000$ per bitcoin
    my math or his math is wrong but i think his math off by factor of 5

  12. g golden
    g golden says:

    If you factor in all the worlds derivatives bitcoin could trade above 5million at current s&p levels.If the stock market were to collapse bitcoin would trade much higher.Think of bitcoin as a stock that everyone needs to hedge their own currency with only 21million shares available.The difference is you can buy an infinite fraction of the digital token.This means that everyone in the world could transact with bitcoin and it wouldn't make a difference of how high it could go.People would just adjusted to a smaller decimal portion.The US dollar is only worth 3 pennies of what it was worth in 1964 and yet we continue to use it.

  13. M Stewart
    M Stewart says:

    Check out SNC.

    They are just starting to heat up, will start mass marketing soon.
    They are revolutionizing the power trading industry like POWR in Australia!
    Only, SNC is from Europe! They are new and their market cap is low compared to POWR.

    POWR market cap,

    SNC market cap,

    SNC's total coin supply is MUCH lower than POWR, so this coin can really move FAST!!! Buy SNC here,

  14. ticklefights
    ticklefights says:

    What's also interesting to look at is… BTC doesn't have 16M in circulation. Many of these are lost permanently (around 30% or so) and many are held by single entities that don't actively trade. Closer to 10M are "fluid" if I had to take a stab in the dark.

  15. Chris
    Chris says:

    Lets say an Insurance Giant invest in Bitcoin, the advertises lower premium rates to their costumers who gave purchases at least a small fraction of bitcoin…if its legally possible for them to do so, what would happen?

  16. chris bradshaw
    chris bradshaw says:

    2018 is the year of bitcoin and other cryptos,,,,,,every 10 yrs the dollar experiences a shock,,2008 was the last one because of the housing crisis,,,,2018 will be the lending crisis,,,history repets,,,,get in meow while its still cheap,,,meow


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