Today Ripple announced exciting news about a partnership between American Express and RippleNet connecting the UK and US markets designed to benefit corporations.


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  1. Krisler12
    Krisler12 says:

    The founders of ripple say that ripple is better because is faster and there is no fee involved for payment transfers and the banks will "love/like" it. Why banks will gonna adopt and use this coin named ripple since there is no fee involved for them ? <=== This is why I think ripple will not be ever higher than .025$. 😉

  2. Joe
    Joe says:

    Ha! If you can get past your decentralization ideals, and "see" the bigger picture, it's a great play! At a minimum, it's a great hedge, as a matter of fact, when Bitcoin pulls back, watch what happens to the alt coins. Money will pull out, and flood the alt coins…investment psychology 101.

    Making money "trumps" ideals!

  3. Arnold Kressnig
    Arnold Kressnig says:

    Can someone please explain to me the difference between the Ripple token and the value transfer tech? Is the token used by the tech or is it separate? As the system develops and get adopted will the token have a use case?

  4. Gosia
    Gosia says:

    I am not planning to watch the video till the end so I wont know but I hope you told people that by buying ripple they support bank system and their control over us. I thought that we all want to get rid of them …


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