Substratum plans to decentralize the web by letting individuals sell their computer power to others, potentially opening the door to inclusion in countries like Russia and China.

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  1. Doc Tor
    Doc Tor says:

    Buy Substratum on Binance, one of the fastest growing cryptoexchanges out there! It has an easier to use interface compared to other exchanges – even for beginners. You can also earn additional bonus commissions through its generous affiliate program as well as opportunities to win amazing contest prizes. Just go to for more details to register.

  2. Private
    Private says:

    Only 23 comments before mine?  Haha.  I just subscribed to you last week and most of your videos get flooded with comments, so you must've just been starting back then.  I bought into SUB at 12 or 13 cents and I plan to host a masternode when the time comes.  So bullish on this!!!

  3. Donovan Shaw
    Donovan Shaw says:

    I have looked into Substratum deeply and I can tell you these guys know their shit, technically it's very solid and they really know how to market their product, check out their free giveaways on Twitter.

  4. Captain Exotic
    Captain Exotic says:

    They just conducted the first successful test, routing traffic through the Substratum network to render sites in Australia. With the public node being released in januari and possible listing on Bittrex (and subsequent coin burn) in the next few months this project has serious potential. Load the boat @ Binance before it sets sail!

  5. Anthony Lampley
    Anthony Lampley says:

    You should also be aware they will be doing another burn I think after this next burn its going to be 100milish coins left. If they deliver this coin will moon and to be honest we aren't very far from beta or the potential jan release of version 1. Anyone seeing this.. I truly believe they will deliver do NOT miss out. Get some now.


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