The Tron cryptocurrency can be a bit controversial, but it does offer the ability to lend crypto without having to pay high ETH gas fees. In this video, I present an overview of the JustLend and JustSwap platforms so that YOU can decide if DeFi on Tron is right for you. Not an endorsement or recommendation. #tron #defi #ethereum #crypto #finance

00:00 Overview and Disclaimer
02:44 Setting Up TronLink Wallet
05:20 Overview of TRX, Bandwidth, and Energy
07:29 JustLend and JustSwap DeFi
11:54 TXN Fees on Tron VS ETH


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39 replies
  1. Colin G
    Colin G says:

    Wish you would have explained the main benefit to freezing. You can stake your frozen coins on super representatives to take advantage of the DPoS system in place to earn a percentage of block rewards (which basically earn you a passive income). Also, the reference to Tron marketing practices has been disproven as FUD; one of the super representatives engaged celebs on twitter to boost their marketing for the Tron blockchain. Justin Sun and Tron Foundation literally had nothing to do with this. Check out TronLady_ on twitter for proof.

  2. Peter Han
    Peter Han says:

    I dont get what is SOOO wrong with a company paying a youtuber, influencer or celebrity to review or promote a product. Companies do this everyday, big tech like Apple, Samsung, Bose, JL, Panasonic, Visio, etc…

  3. Chris A.
    Chris A. says:

    It's good that decent crypto channels are featuring Tron amidst the noise. Sure there are noise everywhere, CeFi vs DeFi, and questionable leaders, but Tron has been in the top 100 and part of the space. If it is a scam as much as critics and haters put it, then why is money or assets flowing into it? The answer, people are voting with their wallets.

    Would love for you guys to feature popular defi on Solana, Cosmos, Zilliqa, etc. Other alternatives to Ethereum.

  4. captainstanleya
    captainstanleya says:

    Listen man you didn’t make this simple OK you made it more difficult how do you post to get to the chrome store how do you post to find the leak you need to spray that the people never been to the grocery store you did an awful job showing people how to get to this very awful

  5. Meda Crypto1
    Meda Crypto1 says:

    Thanks for doing this tutorial. Very informative 👍.
    There are other DeFi platforms with zero or very low fees. Xigua Finance for IOST, UniFi for ONE and others. It would be nice if can produce video tutorials on such projects too. Thanks again for all your educational efforts

  6. G.Y
    G.Y says:

    i love ETH really much and Tron is atm the better choise for DEFI. Thank you very much for this video.
    Really such a shame to see so many crypto investors see TRON as a scam. Tron is not a scam, and it is no longer a copy of Ethereum – the copy has been upgraded. and again i love ETH. and Altcoin Buzz also ❤

  7. Jason
    Jason says:

    Can you please clarify: When you added in the liquidity provider fee with the impact fee, you said that it ends up being the same fee as uniswap. So how is using tron cheaper if the fee is the same for a swap?

  8. New Money
    New Money says:

    Tron is SUPER fast, and SUPER cheap!!! A great alternative to using Ethereum Defi with $100-$200 dollar transactions… Forget that!!! lol:)
    Thanks Altcoin Buzz for showing what is done, and NOT what is said about Tron-

  9. Mike P
    Mike P says:

    What is the ROI on staking Tron using the Tron network? U mentioned 3 platforms on the Tron network. Just Swap, Just Scan. For staking is there a preference. I’ve been using Binance for staking Tron. Is there any pros using the Tron platform? Thanks


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