Guys, do not panic sell your altcoin positions atleast until after the November 16th Segwit2x hardfork!


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  1. Mohd Ikhwan Bin Agusalim
    Mohd Ikhwan Bin Agusalim says:

    lol is not happening alt will still remain that price….after the hardfork segwit2x, bitcoin cash will boost up…remember my comment now then you see after that..because bitcoin cash will never get split like bitcoin segwit2x….they already removed segwit for bitcoin cash…so keep as many bitcoin cash as you can then you will be rich 🙂

  2. Ace Stojevski
    Ace Stojevski says:

    Top message and totally agree, always hold your positions in the alt coins – I keep saying this but Bitcoin is clearly going to to be a store of value, the alt coins are what is going to trigger the mass adoption of blockchain, the growth potential in alt coins will be way more profitable for us. Keep your money in game changing technology before you regret it.

  3. Rod Panhard
    Rod Panhard says:

    Surely you should hold your alt coins because as soon as people get their b2x they are going to sell it and get back into the alt coin positions they sold to buy Bitcoin and they could even do the same with Bitcoin the moment the fork has happened.


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