Because so many of you appear to be interested in Vertcoin, I have made this video to evaluate some talking points and considerations when attempting to predict if Vertcoin can catch Litecoin.


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  1. Yoshi Lan the Sage
    Yoshi Lan the Sage says:

    I'm not convinced that Vertcoin really has the potential. It just doesn't have the appeal, the name, the look. It's built on antiquated technology. There are much better options, in my eyes, but if the community is there, then it has hope. But the influx of newcomers will be increasingly more critical on aesthetics

  2. FrankW
    FrankW says:

    Litecoin has the coinbase factor. If vert ended up on coinbase ofc we’ll see it. Other than that, I don’t think it will outspeed litecoin in growth, it’ll take longer than litecoin.

  3. secretace
    secretace says:

    Surprised it wasn't mentioned in the video. There is a reward reduction per block happening in December. When LTC did that the price tripled! So yeah… December will probably be a very good month for Vertcoin.

  4. Derrick Belcher
    Derrick Belcher says:

    Vertcoin is my largest holding, and is going to be freaking huge. What part of Vertcoin is backed by Mr. Lovejoy and friends from M.I.T. do people not understand. Sorry Charlie, you may have created Litecoin but you did not graduate from M.I.T. Don't get me wrong my second largest holding is Litecoin but I was able to grab a big ass bag of the Vertcoin at $ 0.88. That one move will probably be more than enough for me to retire on. My strategy is to put down a large sum of money on a crypto that I believe is going to be around for many years, and go parabolic in the short term. I am already loaded up on OMG and TenX and now buying SALT, AdEx, Populous, and Veritaseum.


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