Is Electroneum undervalued heading into 2018 and is now the time to buy? Currently trading at .02 cents Electroneum appears to have hit rock bottom.


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  1. powertoachieve
    powertoachieve says:

    My next prediction is: When Richard Ellis make that second big announcement that is very anticipated by crypto investors. It will be on the top 10 Coinmarketcap and the dollar will hit like lightning. Buy as much ( If you can afford it) before etn major announcement.

  2. David Lloyd
    David Lloyd says:

    Dont wait to invest in Electroneum, I dont beleive it will go down as there are too many expecting this to happen, many of these are large investors that cannot buy at the moment because the supply is too small and they would just push the price up and not get the numbers they want

  3. nadrojiskool
    nadrojiskool says:

    Wow, I had to stop watching at that list of, "unique features." Not only are many of those redundant and being addressed by so many other currencies that I've lost count, but those bullet points are vague as hell.

  4. FlatTimes
    FlatTimes says:


    1 Bitcoin = 100,000,000 Satoshis.
    1 ETN = 100 Electrons (micro-Electroneum).

    21M BTC x 100M = 2.1 QUADRILLION

    21B ETN x 100 = 2.1 Trillion

    Electroneum have made a Crypto Coin which looks similar to Fiat money with only 2 Decimal places. This is for easier comprehension for Joe Public and mass adoption.

    At first glance to us Crypto People, yes, 21B seems huge…but this Coin is different. Dig deeper.

    Not to mention, ETN has:

    – Near-Zero Fees (Bitcoin Fees are High!)
    – Faster Transactions
    – Micro Payments
    – Private Transactions due to being a fork of Monero (Bitcoin transactions not private).

    Read both Whitepapers.


  5. FlatTimes
    FlatTimes says:

    You’re not factoring-in FUTURE Total Crypto Market-Cap.

    Electroneum is set to be huge.

    The Founder has all but confirmed a deal with a Telco who has 50 Million people per month customer-base.

  6. jrevolution
    jrevolution says:

    i think it be over dollar because if they ink the deal with the 50 million mobile users you be crazy to sell this coin this is a long term hold for me specially when it big exchanges..

  7. powertoachieve
    powertoachieve says:

    The best bet is: When the wallet release, they will be a massive dump so i would not be surprised if it goes under a penny.This will be the best buying opportunity( Hoping it goes to 0.007) Now a lot of new investors and holders will buy massively which will bring the price up fast and hit 0.10. Then Richard will announce his new deal with a huge mobile company and boom the dollar in no time.

  8. John Smith
    John Smith says:

    ICO price was not 8 or 9 cents, it was 1 cent at the ICO and even less if you got the bonus coins. It will probably initially dump when the ICO coins are released because of the angry people. Then after a few days price will start to go back up since Electroneum is still the real deal, but I think this one will be falling a bit further.

  9. M grimble
    M grimble says:

    Only the miners are active at the moment when the wallets become unlocked and the whale's dump, which some of them will the price will drop to 1 penny or less, then is the time to pick up as many as possible.

    Also, the max supply is not the same as with BTC it operates far more like money with only 2 decimals. This means the supply is nowhere near as high as you think.

    Furthermore, something that is hugely going overlooked, Most if not all the cryptocurrencies apart from BTC are marketed towards the people currently using crypto, Electroneum is going for the mass market and have a huge advertising budget to get the word out, this thing will do way better than people expect.

    It could easy hit 2-3 dollars next year

  10. Yoshi Lan the Sage
    Yoshi Lan the Sage says:

    Yeah, with the insignificant supply, Electroneum is still barely holding at 2 cents. I don't think this is worth buying till it tanks to 10 Satos, lol. I'm anticipating people are going to be furious and dump the coin ASAP.

    The team just has terrible priority, and they don't even have a road map. We don't even know what tech the coin runs on really, and they're just talking about wallet and security improvements. When ALL the coins are out, there is still zero applied use case, so the only liquidity right now is Cryptopia. It's ridiculous.

    Their priority is to get on more exchanges? How about some partnerships so that the coin isn't a piece of junk, lol. And if there's no mining involved, and there's no staking, then what exactly is securing the system? There's just so many questions for a technically incompetent team.

    I'm only buying it for a keepsake if it dumps to around 10 Satos or lower. Definitely not interested in this coin if it's more expensive than Tron, cause I'd rather get Tron. I hope they don't get listed anywhere else, LOL, or if anything, Binance. I don't think it'll get on Cobinhood. This hasn't bottomed out yet. Trust

  11. Dennis Markakis
    Dennis Markakis says:

    You have to look at the future market cap. You're comparing it to present values. We all know 2018 is going be HUGE. 2017 saw a 12x increase. 5x next year is conservative. If it 10x's, which is likely, do your analysis on ETN based on that. Also consider growth and demand based on foreign markets. The demand for ETN in poor countries is HUGE. The apple app isn't even out yet. That's half the potential wallets. There's a lot to factor in. Not just it's total supply now vs the market cap now. IMO ETN will easily break $1 in 2108 and may end up in the $5-10 range. Long term (2020-2025) and beyond it could be a $20-50 crypto if mass adoption takes place.


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