I have received several questions about Litecoin Price and if its okay to buy Litecoin at $100? Maybe you can condiering buying Vertcoin.

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  1. gvukster
    gvukster says:

    I remember when the intranet extended from my office to the internet in 1994 and I put money in 15 internet startups, Amazon was one. When I told my friends they laughed and ridiculed me. lol

  2. John Latten
    John Latten says:

    If I invest in a crypto currency like IOTA or Ethereum what exactly is it that I am buying? Am I getting a share of a company? I understand that if you buy Bitcoin that there is the possibility that I will be able to use it for goods and services in the future, but when you invest in a technology what exactly is it that you are buying?

  3. Nav Sidhu
    Nav Sidhu says:

    Why buy Vertcoin now at it's all time high? Surely this will pull back again but I don't see why anyone would want VTC over LTC just on price difference. Who has the better marketing power and technology? Which coin is going to get more volume or better chances of being adopted or heard by the masses? What does VTC have over LTC to make it a better investment? Just looking on Wallet investor it predicts LTC to be around $180 in 2018 and VTC to be down to around $6.2 in 2018. I'm curious as these are the questions that I would need to answering before investing in a much smaller coin over an established one. I'm not bound by any coin so to be it's all about investors making the right decisions for the right reasons.

  4. Niko Blanco
    Niko Blanco says:

    Also, I invest in safex when it was 3 cents. I had 10k, so not a lot. I bought ought, traded to make back what I lost and then I see a video you posted with Daniel Dabek ( Safex developer). Are you into safex or not? Should I reinvest?


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