Litecoin smashes it along side Bitcoin as both cryptocurrencies continue to rally all the way to the moon through 2018.


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  1. Crypto U.K.
    Crypto U.K. says:

    From 230 down to 174 it will go down during the holidays and due to bitcoin crash and neg media on cryptocurrency
    IT WILL GO UP but will fall so wait bit longer to buy
    today's date 30/12/17

  2. Человек из будущего
    Человек из будущего says:

    Dogecoin начнет расти очень скоро и очень быстро! По этому покупайте пока что он стоит копейки, потом заработаете тысячи долларов! Информация 100% тем более что будет год собаки, символично!

  3. Kryptonite
    Kryptonite says:

    i have a few thousand dollars i haven't touched in 3 to 4 years accumulating a pittance in a savings account. as soon as i get 4 grand back from school, i'll put 2 in litecoin, and break another grand following your advice

  4. Fahad Anis
    Fahad Anis says:

    Is there any good Fast cryptocurrency platforms for Canadians ?
    Some are but they take forever to deposit funds and the prices surge for the currencies it's very slow for Canadians

  5. Lalita Ki
    Lalita Ki says:

    This is my favorite buy and sell 😍 after my own business show closed , I haven’t job that I like so long time ☺️cause I love buy and sell as I did on my own family shop

  6. Mason Thomas
    Mason Thomas says:

    If I want to buy $500 worth of altcoins say by using Bittrex, does it matter if I transfer BTC over LTC (or vice versa) to my Bittrex to buy the altcoins, or will I still get the same quantity of alt coins?

    So say I wanted to buy Monero, will there be higher fees if I use BTC as opposed to LTC? Or I would get the same value either way?


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