These are the altcoins I am currently watching here in December 2018,


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  1. Payse Oaktree
    Payse Oaktree says:

    Reality check, 3 years later
    Dec 2017 Dec 2017 %Profit
    Ubiq $2.120000 $0.008347 -99.61%
    Quantstamp $0.128572 $0.029312 -77.20%
    Substratum $0.310873 $0.001432 -99.54%
    Vertcoin $8.300000 $0.167547 -97.98%
    Electroneum $0.091549 $0.005279 -94.23%
    SONM $0.139081 $0.008343 -94.00%

  2. roofsluts
    roofsluts says:

    Why is no one on youtube talking about ViaCoin? @Altcoin Buzz should look into this, coin has huge potential and technical superiority!
    Up 50% since yesterday, guess people are starting to catch on..

  3. Damian Cruz
    Damian Cruz says:

    Where do you see the Hispanic community getting involved in the US? I don't see many apps with a bi-lingual or Spanish language option. I don't know if I have the time to translate all of the Crypto verbiage to my 800 cousins. Lol!

  4. Jani
    Jani says:

    Most altcoins are priced in Bitcoin, so when you talk about their price development you should talk about it relation to Bitcoin not USD! Just because Bitcoin goes up is not really credit for the altcoin to follow just because it is priced in BTC.

  5. Davis Magnum
    Davis Magnum says:

    Electroneum will not allow mining from your phone, its simulated mining to give people the feel for mining, surprised you haven't heard that before. That should already say something about this coin. There is nothing special about this coin except they have good marketing It will vanish, because i'm sure so many other coins will adapt to be on people's phones. Isn't it obvious? People are just happy they are making money on Electroneum, their marketing targets average joes.

  6. Habeev07
    Habeev07 says:

    So glad I found this channel. You are helping a lot of people. Thank you. Does anyone else have this issue? Coinbase has a weekly limit on purchases and I cannot get any LTC except for 100 dollars per week. Does anyone know other exchanges I can sign up on to get LTC? I am on Bittrex now but my account is a day away from being activated. 28 y/o trying to save LTC for his family. LTC: LTouRbMC9SrEeQPU5g541Q98pU8vqyAYTf

  7. kryptoh john
    kryptoh john says:

    Bitcoin has done very well and it is only available to people with computers, bank accounts, and a bit of expert level know how.

    Electroneum will do very well for three (3) reasons:

    1. more people in the world have smartphones than toilets, let alone bank accounts and computers.

    2. it is being released for 2018, the year the financial market changes forever

    3. this is the only coin made for and marketed to normal people

    The 5/90/5 principle states that in a given field,
    5% of people are experts who, no matter how complicated, will learn it.
    90% are normal people of reasonable intelligence who expect it to be made intuitive enough to use it.
    5% of the people who, no matter how simple, will refuse to learn it.


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