00:44 Market Update
01:35 Coinbase List New Digital Assets
04:34 Crypto.com Twitter Emoji
05:40 VeChain VET study
08:05 CargoX to Clear India’s Container Backlog
09:09 ShareRing SHR Updates


Coinbase Announces new listings | Market Pumps
Crypto.com gets Twitter EMOJI
VeChain recognized by German goverment for smart supply chain management
CargoX’s blockchain platform chosen to clear India’s container backlog
ShareRing SHR Updates

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  1. Tanker T
    Tanker T says:

    ShareRing have a product – ShareLedger (a very clever blockchain)

    It has one huge selling point: a very wide variety of apis (api = a way for computers to talk to one another) which people can use to enable them to quickly use ShareLedger as the backend infrastructure for their x, y or z project.

    What is ShareLedger?

    ShareLedger is a blockchain which is exceptionally versatile in terms of what it can be used for:
    – 1) Securely store documents on it (passport, e-visa, purchase receipt, photo of your car crash as evidence…)
    – 2) Validate payment transactions
    – 3) Completely remove foreign exchange fees

    What does the ShareRing Shop and travel app have to do with the product (ShareLedger)?

    Both ShareRing Shop and the Travel app (the one with e-visa and where you’ll be able to buy your travel insurance…) are merely, and I really do mean merely, example use cases of how their product (the ShareLedger) can be used as backend infrastructure; just like how amazon, or Facebook use servers to run behind the scenes for you to be able to use their websites.

    Why does the app or shop actually NOT need any downloads/users?

    As they are example use cases, they are just there to show what is possible to businesses. The app and shop are just big adverts saying ‘Hey, look, you can use our product (ShareLedger) to build either of these. If you do, it’ll be more secure and cheaper than how you currently do it’.

    This is the prime reason as to why Thailand’s largest non-life insurance, insurance company (Dhipaya) have chosen to use ShareLedger as their new backend infrastructure. They stated they will save “$100,000 per month” by switching to use this new product.

    Ok, but how does this affect the price of SHR?

    Every single time anyone uses the ShareLedger, for anything, they will be charged $0.02-0.05. This will then be used to purchase SHR off the exchange at market rate (whatever the price is at that time); these are called flowbacks. These SHR purchased will then be sent to people staking SHR (staking will be one click of a button, really easy) as a reward for holding SHR; anybody can stake.

    Now, this is where it gets exciting.

    The insurance company are predicted to have 20million transactions in the first year alone, increasing to 45mill in year 2. That will cost them $700,000.

    20,000,000 x $0.035 (average fee) = $700,000

    Every last cent of this $700,000 will go to buy SHR off the exchange at market rate.

    This $700,000 is from one company. Imagine how much will come from the 20 partners we already have, but are currently under NDA (non-disclosure agreement – the other company doesn’t want to announce it yet, as they want to keep this info a secret from their competitors). Then, how many companies will jump on as we gain further traction and reputation as a cheap and secure infrastructure provider.

    Now, let’s look at the price chart of SHR over the past 2 weeks since Ron started promoted it. It has gone up around 70%, with what I would estimate at perhaps $100,000 worth of investment from maybe 100-150 new people.

    When the flowbacks begin, the price will go up monumentally, as it did back in October during the trial flowbacks period (7x in 8 weeks during the trial). On top of this, people will start to understand what I just explained to you, fomo in and further continue to push the price up.

    This is why SHR is a gem and will hit $1 by 2022-2023.

  2. Geraldbrucereum Johnson
    Geraldbrucereum Johnson says:

    Back in 2017 I bought CXO and LEND a few 100,000 of each and I forgot all about them for the last few years and and all of a sudden they are coming to my attention and I am reminded of the merit of holding and nano ledger s's


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