Cardano Shelley, Cardano ADA coinbase listing, Cardano price prediction and Cardano Developer Activity.

00:39 Shelley
01:15 Cardano Virtual Summit
02:34 Reddit post by GenZod
03:31 ADA developer activity
04:40 Coinbase listing
05:51 Cardano price analysis
14:47 Cardano price prediction

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33 replies
  1. r j
    r j says:

    This is the voice of the future. It is November 27th. The price has finally gone up to $0.135 in the overall market bull run we've had so far. Everything is up. These parabolic gains in July never happened.

  2. D Hertsens
    D Hertsens says:

    Damn mate, you're so good at explaining things that I'm now convinced Link and ADA are both good buys. I hold both, but I'm just not sure in which I should invest my monthly DCA sum in 😀

  3. Cybersoul
    Cybersoul says:

    ADA is not going to moon, its going to heaven .. deFi on Cardano will be huge, because you can draw loans into stable coin then pay it off passively from staking rewards..unfortunately the speculators people are buying it off now while it costs pennies. For the cardanians is important the spreading of ADA to be among the majority of poor people, all of us must spread the news about cardano and avoid huge amounts to enter into the hands of the whale speculators…once staking begins NO ONE WILL WANT TO SELL HIS ADA :)) simply draw a loan on the top of your ADA buy more ADA and enjoy cash flow for ever !!!!!

  4. Lawn Mower
    Lawn Mower says:

    A couple months after Shelly the smart contracts and coinbase listing will boost it up, but by december 2020, the scaling, microchip, prism, ect plus promotion by PwC will take it to the moon!

  5. vishal bondia
    vishal bondia says:

    One of the 18 projects selected by coinbase for listing.
    ONLY PRICED @ .05$
    it can easily get to 1$
    Considering its low total supply and strong team behind.
    Its a coin which can easily give 20X
    Even if it is not listed on coinbase.
    It has been listed on coin market cap on 12.11.2020

  6. Blockchain Educated Interviews
    Blockchain Educated Interviews says:

    Wrong around 16-17 min mark- and this is not a bias thought just my sentiment- ADA will probably hold because HODLERS will gain passive income. This is a different game with a coin valued under 10 cents 7-8 percent returns (monthly) which is pretty big deal, different jungle for stakers than non staking coins. Plus there are to many stake pools in circulation- just my thoughts. Thanks.


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