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50 replies
  1. Anthony Calvar
    Anthony Calvar says:
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  2. Petra C3lo
    Petra C3lo says:

    the good thing about Particl and it´s Marketplace is, you don´t need any TA to know that buy pressure on a token with a real world utility will pump the price up. buy now or you have the answer why you didn´t bought bitcoin in 2015

  3. Oshan Wijeratne
    Oshan Wijeratne says:

    Guys, please stop with the pessimistic attitudes because you're turning people away from crypto.

    How about you have a more realistic view and do some research? Go look at btc price graphs in 2015, 2016, 2017. In the middle months of the year, that being June, July and August, btc value is at its lowest. Crypto only takes off randomly at times and definitely at the end of the year.

    I'm not saying that will happen again, but I'm saying start looking at statistics instead of saying "crypto is dead"

  4. iera
    iera says:

    Its "Our Satoshi who art in heaven, Bitcoin be thy name. Your miners come, Your chains be done, In alts as it is in BTC. Give us this day our daily spread. And forgive us our FUD, as we forgive those, who panic sell against us. And lead us not into fomo, but deliver us from fiat. For crypto is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever and ever. Amen"

  5. Tarik Sandstrom
    Tarik Sandstrom says:

    Even with the instability of bitcoin, it's still a very profitable business to invest your money. I was introduced to bitcoin trading by Mr Jeffrey Wecker who showed me how i can increase 0.2 btc to 1 btc in a week, it was so surprising and i wish to share with others. You can contact him through jeffreywecker1@gmail. com or Telegram: +15186221291

  6. Vito Talamo
    Vito Talamo says:

    Two types of people in crypto 2018, ones that put money in, and ones that take money out. Influencers are paid to convince the public to put money in. The founders of alt coins, and influencers collecting salaries are the ones draining the market. Most of the influencers in crypto don’t work a real job, and don’t put money in, they just take money out.

  7. Biff Bifford
    Biff Bifford says:

    Whales laugh in a symphony cackling hysteria at short term T/A, as it is virtually pointless. All one needs to do is look at a year to date chart. No lines or indicators necessary. No watching hours and hours of youtube evangelists. Seems most here, inexplicably, are waiting for the anvil that was tossed out of the plane to suddenly reverse course and head up. That anvil is BTC and the crypto markets, and it is not going to do the impossible. You will not be crypto millionaires. No moon. No Lambo. That time has passed.

  8. Batman
    Batman says:

    I can't believe people still think that money will move from traditional markets to crypto during recessions. This is insanity, and shows how amateur Nick is on economics. Crypto is perhaps the most volatile market out there, and traditional investors won't exit traditional markets and invest in bitcoin, solely because their traditional market becomes more volatile. Traders don't exit volatility and enter into more volatility, no they'll move to more stable gold and silver, etc…

    There's literally zero evidence that provides any support to Nick's theory.

  9. Firm Foundation
    Firm Foundation says:

    Glad to hear the court in mt Gox case changing course on the rest of the left over bitcoin. The below is from the article i read, so lets hope there'll be no more panic in the markets :

    "However, due to the bankruptcy proceedings now being halted as part of the civil rehabilitation, Kobayashi will not sell any further bitcoins, with users set to receive compensation in BTC instead of fiat currency as originally intended."

  10. Ares Ba
    Ares Ba says:

    Nick sounds scared, bulls' blood had been shed and the rivers of blood will soon become an ocean that will sweep the crypto space. If 50k by the end of the year I'll be eating Mcafee's schlong myself.

  11. Naha Ktam
    Naha Ktam says:

    Hope you're doing well Nick. You don't seem energy and upbeat like your usual self. Thanks for always making videos for us to not lose faith in crypto. I know people like yourself are acting as the bigger person for many of us so that we can stay positive and optimistic for the future and the long-run of the Crypto space.
    Take care mate, thank you once again for all your videos :)👍🙏

  12. Bicc OG
    Bicc OG says:

    I’ve been saying forever that btc will go way lower maybe 3-4k it’s been in my gut feeling for a couple months now. We’ve had such a big pull up so quick and I feel for it to go up a lot it will need to go lower for better support

  13. Garrett Sundberg
    Garrett Sundberg says:

    big fan of your content but how in the world can you say this price action is based more on TA than it is on future pricing? The amount of false signals given over the last few weeks is absurd. TA is not the cause for this. Manipulation and future pricing is the cause.

  14. Michael Gordon
    Michael Gordon says:

    Get me a bottle of scotch and a handgun. Lol! When I woke up at 4 am and saw litecoin and ripple go off the cliff I couldnt sleep. But as a former series 3 broker…I have balls..and.bought more…even if I have to hold for a long time….it will eventually go back up so relax people and stop looking at your accounts…just let it do its thing…

  15. HanHuman
    HanHuman says:

    No, sell, or set a stop sell if your really want to see it go below with your own eyes while holding your shit in the hand. And consider buying back in only when reversal confirmed on the weekly. Lower lows are needed to find new blood to suck.
    Why would you rather fear selling and, at worst, lose a bit and buy back in if your wrong, than just get rekt on the way down by staying in…

  16. Mork
    Mork says:

    Hi Nick i would like to take profit but i don't own one thing that has any, i bought in last October & saw the high now going out to buy Snorkel & flippers


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