We take a deep dive into profiting from Blockchain gaming and digital collectibles on the blockchain. This area is has a HUGE amount of potential because blockchain can solve critical problems with trust when trading, proving scarcity, and supplying authenticity. We interview Evan Vandenberg the Director of Business Development at WAX about their recent partnership with Topps (Garbage Pail Kids) and talk about the future of Blockchain Gaming.

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  1. Boxmining
    Boxmining says:

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  2. M Frusciante
    M Frusciante says:

    I think it'll be the really popular games and programs that integrate block chain that will be the biggest factor. The digital items in them. Gear, weapons, items, with scarcity they will become valuable. Some probably outrageously so. Like imagine if early on Minecraft came out with a rare pickaxe that was high demand but only a very limited amount of people could have gotten. By now it'd be worth a fortune. Like the party hats in RuneScape, stuff like that. Like the people who play these games, a lot of them are totally obsessed, and any perceived rare item in them is as real as real life. Even now they spend a massive amount of time and fortune in in game currency to attain items that they can flaunt in game, to other players. They'll flip over tangible virtual assets.

  3. M Frusciante
    M Frusciante says:

    I don't know exactly how or what but we will see something similar to what defi is doing, with NFTs. It's just such a perfect fit for digital collectibles and crypto. Millennials will eat that shit up. Stuff just coming out, or yet to be developed will be worth tons in the future. Huge growth coming.

  4. Jae L
    Jae L says:

    How exactly do you track a physical card thats digitally converted? If a card is being traded digitally, how would people know the physical card isn’t being traded as well?

    That question wasn’t properly answered. The idea isn’t difficult to understand. It’s the legitimacy of the idea that’s more important. You can’t say double selling isn’t possible.

  5. Marmot
    Marmot says:

    yznqu.wam Have been following wax for a long time, they seem to have a great team. I hope that they will succeed to become this blockchain version of opskins !

  6. Zh3ntro
    Zh3ntro says:

    Thank you for the fantastic interview. I'm adding more Wax to my holdings for upcoming releases as I missed this release of GPK packs. I remember getting these cards as a kid and sticking them all over our school binders. Oh to be young again! My Wax ID is b3qqu.wam

  7. Simão Filipe
    Simão Filipe says:

    I had heard of the wax project before but this video pushed me to go check it out! They clearly know what they are doing, the cloud wallet is a great example of that, because fans of Topps products are not going to know necessarly how to use crypto and many projects fail to get many users because of that, they dont create a easy/good user experience. I hope this partnership goes well for them, i´ll be watching this project!

    WHAAAAAT? Free stuff? GIMME



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