Polygon (MATIC) seems like it’s setting for another leg up. Why did Matic rebrand to Polygon and what does it do exactly? Will it be a realistic competitor to Polkadot and Avalanche? Let’s take a look and try to predict a potential price in the future!

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0:00 Intro
1:46 Market specs
2:41 Rebranding to Polygon
9:44 Price prediction

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Disclaimer: I’m not a professional financial advisor and everything I say in my videos is just my own opinion and for educational purposes only.


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30 replies
  1. scotttn1990
    scotttn1990 says:

    I stacked everything on polygon before it took off because of you. Thank you for pointing out the twitter link. I thought eth 2.0 was going to make polygon obsolete but after learning about quickswap I changed my mind to back polygon. Eth 2.0 seems to be coming out at the end of this bull run but polygon solves gas fees right now.

  2. Paul Carroll
    Paul Carroll says:

    Polygon has the team and help from the eth foundation
    IF poly delivers you are looking at a market cap similar to link and a use case as strong as link
    The eth triangle
    GRT LINK MATIC the complete formation for a long term eth dominance

  3. natascha2312
    natascha2312 says:

    Quinten, ben je al eens in de huidige gekte van Ravencoin gedoken? Ik kan geen serieuze video vinden daarover, maar hij staat hoog in de stijglijst en gaat als een dolle tekeer. Zit eigenlijk te wachten op info van een ervaren trader.

  4. Miguel Sampaio
    Miguel Sampaio says:

    I started watching your channel, because I saw some rationality in your analysis.

    At this moment it seems to me more like a channel with the noise and speculation that is seen in almost all channels about Crypto.

    So many people talking about the next gems, so much futorology.

    The more I study Crypto the more I realize that it is very complex and very difficult to understand.

    And for me it is essential to understand minimally where I am investing.

    For many people this is just a lottery bet, so irrational.

    Cheers man, from Portugal.


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