Ngrave is creating “Zero” – a cryptocurrency hardware wallet that they claim is the SAFEST in the world. To test out this bold claim, we take a deep dive into the Zero’s security features, hardware, key-generation process, and user experience. ORDER:


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I’m not a professional financial adviser and you should always do your own research. I may hold the cryptocurrencies talked about in the video.


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  1. Ron
    Ron says:

    Both the Cobo Vault and Elipal cold wallets are air gaped and use QR codes and have either stainless steel or titanium key storage. These are of higher security than any USB / Bluetooth devices used to store your crypto.

  2. golgoth1978
    golgoth1978 says:

    Always take advice from somebody who's got a vested interest in pushing bitcoin the minute you know they heavily into it they are never going to tell you to invest in anything else.I currently trade my bitcoin with Adam Connor and get massive returns in profits.

  3. Doug Smith
    Doug Smith says:

    your channel is doing great thats why am commenting again that you should let know the world about WALAHALA hardware wallet …
    they have their hardware wallet .. exchange and coin …
    their hardware wallet is decentralized connected to their own live exchange …
    means your money will be in your hardware wallet only ..not even in exchange binance and many other exchanges ..
    you should also make a video on their wallet..
    i bought one but i dont have any youtube channel… this need to be shown to the world..

  4. karen kumnick
    karen kumnick says:

    Nothing is 100% safe. Do we really know whether there aren't some bad stuff put in these wallets. I bought 2 Bitfi wallets and 2 never worked, 2 worked for a bit (replaced =4). My inner self protecting me from storing my coins in it? 2 worked for a friend. They never reimbused me or replaced the last ones that didn't work. This guy is right – BACK DOORS! Need to have an easy way to access coins if device doesn't work


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