Elrond ($ERD) has been a huge community choice for blockchains to talk about. The network uses adaptive state sharding that enables it to drastically scale and reduce the cost of transactions & interactions with smart contracts. On to of this they provide a 36% annual staking rewards. We interview Co-founder and CEO Beniamin Mincu about Elrond and what’s in store for us at the main net launch.
Read more on Elrond: https://boxmining.com/elrond/
0:00 Introduction
1:19 Staking on Elrond
2:23 Validator Nodes on Elrond
3:48 State Sharding & Elrond Scaling
6:02 Interview with CEO Beniamin Mincu
8:43 10,000 Transactions per second
9:21 Adaptive State Sharding
12:39 Improving the User Experience
13:41 Stability and Security of Sharded Network
14:54 Elrond Mainnet Launch
17:50 Elrond Economic Model
22:16 Future of Elrond
26:10 Elrond Partnerships

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  1. What Ever
    What Ever says:

    All these sharding blockchains… Avalanche (AVAX) is superior to all these.
    Sharding = layer 2.
    AVAX achieves thousands of TPS at layer 1, across thousands of decentralized nodes, with sub 1 second finality. If you then add shards on top, you're looking at millions of TPS!

  2. boyd319
    boyd319 says:

    So based on this coin's name & icon, I thought it was some plant from Scientology and "L. Ron Hubbard" – especially in relation to the icon, it looks like a circular rescue buoy which is related to his "Sea Org" which tricked people into 1,000,000,000-year contracts to work for no pay for this nut. Looks like the creators are European so maybe not familiar with their namesake dopplegangher. Anyone else may this connection? When will do you think the official Scientology coin will come? 😛


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