Bitcoin Gold network just fell victim to a 51% attack, where the hacker scammed an exchange out of 18 Million Dollars. This is caused by reversing a transaction sent to an exchange by double spending.

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49 replies
  1. delvin jones
    delvin jones says:

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  2. Seppe Thys
    Seppe Thys says:

    Hi Boxmining, try to put your greenscreen further away from you. You wont get the green cast on your face and hair. Also try to use after effects key light to clean up the key. It works miracles.


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  4. Infinite Monkey
    Infinite Monkey says:

    How did the hacker get access to 51 % hash rate ??? He / they must have had access to a shitload of processing power. Good to see a probe into market manipulation, but I wish we had an Independent crypto watchdog instead of the gov to do this. Didn't Gemini propose organizing such a group ?

  5. Crypto Wealth
    Crypto Wealth says:

    Confused on the "want" for regulation on a decentralized, trustless, distributed network. Should we not be looking for technological solutions. Isn't that the point in Crypto? What am I missing?

  6. Luno Bird
    Luno Bird says:

    I would have to say bitcoin gold price wasn't affected much b/c it has already dropped 10X from the all time high of $500. So beating up a dead horse won't do much if its already dead below $50. I think btg is severely undervalued, Its more decentralized than bitcoin in the mining aspect.

  7. Y K
    Y K says:

    What is a chance of getting attacked after you have some argument with some one who has more money than a country who know how to do it and has some mining power.

  8. TheDraegos
    TheDraegos says:

    I'm wondering why, in this age of technology, coins and ICO's popping up everywhere.
    WHY do these coin developers not write a line of code what will prevent a 51% attack from even happening?

  9. Patrick Merlo
    Patrick Merlo says:

    Hackers are more organized than you think and have moved up the date, all of your wallets have malware. All crypto is at risk. Cryptocurrency maybe the future but none of the crypto today will survive, not even Bitcoin. A 6 miners have made cryptocurrency centralized do to hashrate.

  10. Ren Diesel
    Ren Diesel says:

    great words homie! ive been watching you since i first got in and you always make great sense of this for me! its good to see alot of you crypto ogs coming out to give everybody some better clarity and calmness, im in it for the long haul and you all have taught me along the way and its appreciated..its a great time to be part of the REVOLUTION!!

  11. janina Arlauskas
    janina Arlauskas says:

    The video seems to be informative with nice idea ,but i have tried so many mining systerm ,even with the video i doesn't make any amount of Bitcoin rather i keep on loosing ,but you can give a try to Mr johns systerm to see how profitable it working for me now .you can contact him (

  12. philhellmuff
    philhellmuff says:

    Do you think this 51% attacker used a trojan/botnet or was it a giant Chinese mining farm or a team of farms? I am not a miner but it would be cool to know how many GPUs it actually took to get 51%

  13. DENVER R.I.P. 6
    DENVER R.I.P. 6 says:

    Digi-Shield why don't they use Digi-Shield?!?! Developed by Digibyte the code is out there all the have to do is use it….Same for Verge. Doggie uses Digi-Shield…. So do many other cryptos. Then next maybe everybody starts ditching 2FA and google authenticator and start using Digi-ID. Passwords and usernames/logins are outdated.


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