CryptoMeta is a series that summarizes the August developments in the Crypto scene, from market manipulation, increased leveraged trades, weak hands from ICO VCs, and a broad look at bitcoin and ethereum mining.
0:45 Crypto Markets / Trade volume analysis
1:18 Markets in hand of traders / crypto whales
4:00 Developments in ICO space
6:49 Mining – Is it still profitable?

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I’m not a professional financial adviser and you should always do your own research. I may hold the cryptocurrencies talked about in the video.


38 replies
  1. Traveling Mann
    Traveling Mann says:

    agreed Micheal!! manipulation is in everything must build it in when trading…and the short squeeze on Bitmex is real, question is …is the next level above them getting hurt more…there are always bigger and smarter whales…price may hold near 7K levels for few more days then go lower…

  2. Sean Johnson
    Sean Johnson says:

    My concern with some of these cryptos (ETH in particular) is that due to the higher difficulty ratings for cryptos, people will stop mining those currencies.

    I stopped mining ETH in early July and switched to ETC. Why? Because I was earning $0.50/day with my 5 GPU Nvida 1070 gig mining at 31H/s per GPU or 155 total, I built for $3000. I projected a 12-14 month payback time on my rig last year, now at this rate, it would take another 4 years (total of 60 months!) The hardware will likely not last that long.

    I am only making about $2.50/day mining ETC, but hey, that's $2/day more than ETH. When I started mining last year, I was making $8-10 per day mining ETH. The drop in revenue from mining was at least 8 fold but the mining difficulty is out about double of what it was a year ago for ETH. This is a huge problem for ETH as the growth in difficulty exponentially decreases the profitability of mining. How will this get resolved when people can no longer afford to mine because they only break even or worse, loss money mining? We are not that far from it currently.

  3. Bernard Macarius
    Bernard Macarius says:

    Fantastic video. I personally am investing more now than ever. Michael, I am disappointed that so many people have accepted governments self imposed authority over our space. I personally reject such notion and will continue to support projects that promote privacy and reject such self imposed authority. I may be on losing side of the battle but will continue the war! Keep up the great new formats….

  4. David Valde
    David Valde says:

    Big fan from Norway❤️🇳🇴 Can you talk about Cardano? I think it is the best coin out there now. I have trust in it becouse charles hoskinson. It is so much Scam out there now, that We Need to have a currency that is real shit like Cardano

  5. Al Carrington
    Al Carrington says:

    First one must understand that the SEC is really the Federal Reserve and it's managed by the very organization they are suppose to be managing. So, we are dealing with Goldman Sach's and JP Morgan who are fighting the take-over of Cryptos. As such, they'll continue to make excuses as to why we cannot have ETF in cryptos, but in time it will past.

  6. Kryptonite
    Kryptonite says:

    If only there was a way to keep mining difficulty relative to the ups and down with the market. ie. prices go up, difficulty follows. prices going down, so should the rate of difficulty. Do you think there is a solution to this challenge? Otherwise the investment of capital influx for mining will never keep up with the rise in difficulty. Talk to the big wigs you have contacts with.

  7. Jeremiah Lim
    Jeremiah Lim says:

    Every one is buying gold cfds last 3 days. Very famous financial markets site…’s daily technicals, COMEX gold for December delivery was rated as a 'Strong Buy" on Friday’s settlement of $1,206.30. Strongest resistance was seen at the 200-day moving average of $1,291.51, meaning there was still a potential upside of $85, or 7 percent.

  8. VentionMGTOW
    VentionMGTOW says:

    7 month bear market? The pull back started 8 months ago. If this is another 2014, we've got another 4 months before the bear market is over. Things are happening faster now though so it might be that the bear market is now over. Doesn't matter though. I'll just continue my usual buy and hold routine. My house is paid off now and I'm in what is typically the highest earning period of man's life. That allows me to live comfortably on 35% of my mechanic wages. I typically buy 1000 usd worth of bitcoin every payday and store it on a hidden seed word in the Trezor, and the trezor lives in my safe deposit box. I'm not a big fan of buying EOS or Eth or Bitconnect. All of the alt coins are far too centralized. I saw the way the feds kicked in the door at the liberty dollar and seized all the gold. There's nothing stopping them from doing the same thing with Eth or XRP. Sure the feds aren't behaving that way right now but as soon as another George Bush Jr or Obummer gets into office things could change. I'm an old Prepper / silver stacker and Bitcoin is as far as I'm willing to go into crypto. It's really the only only coin out there that's somewhat safe from government seizure of the developers so that's where my surplus monthly income goes. I do still pickup some silver from time to time but the vast majority of my surplus goes into bitcoin these days. I also don't trade. Every time I try it I lose money so I just stick to what I'm good at. I'm a great heavy diesel truck mechanic so I'll increase my net worth by capturing my surplus income rather than trying to trade. I don't pay any capital gains taxes that way.

    When the time rolls around when I can retire on my stack of bitcoins, I won't sell them all at once. I'll just cash in enough to live on. As long as I keep my liquidations under 38,600 a year I'll pay zero income tax. I can do that easily since I generally only spend around 1400 a month or 17k a year (even though my mechanic job brings in 4300 a month).

  9. JaiChai Pantejo
    JaiChai Pantejo says:

    Always enjoy your videos. Especially like your seasoned approach. As Andreas says, "Bull markets are like harvest time, there's no spare moment to build for the next season." I have seen several forms of these cycles over many years in the legacy markets. To be honest, I'm glad that things move along much faster these days 'cause I'm over 55 y/o! Namaste, JaiChai


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