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42 replies
  1. Britt Hinkle
    Britt Hinkle says:

    Hi I really enjoy your show but is there anyway you can speak up? I listen to you on my drive to work and home and I have to crank the volume at full blast. I appreciate all your information and thank you so much.

  2. Jan Siekierski
    Jan Siekierski says:

    What's your opinion on Tether? It's designed as a way to lock in profits, but I'm very skeptical about it since I've read a lot of shady stuff about their increasing supply, and I don't know if that's posssible to redeem Tether.

  3. David Demanbey
    David Demanbey says:

    Fomo ran everything out of site – and futures now control the environment – bitcoin, and its offspring (alt currencies) is now at the mercy of wallstreet (just like gold and silver that is controlled by the comex)

  4. JesusMySavior
    JesusMySavior says:

    I'm a full time student and I've got some skin in the game.
    I'm really counting on XVG, TRX, ADA, IOTA. <3 Please moon…
    Thinking of selling the NEO and ICX while it's green and tossing it to ADA. Not sure. Thoughts?

  5. Steve
    Steve says:

    Data Dash, I really enjoy your content. You give some good views on many different topics within the crypto world. In this video you mentioned briefly how not everyone trades their crypto vs fiat currency. I really feel that is so much more of an important subject that should be shared* but, needs no discussion*. That when trading into and out of Altcoins, you should ONLY trade based on Bitcoin Value and don't waste any time looking at the Altcoin price vs Fiat. You are missing out on SO much on your gains, and you are losing even MORE than you would, if you're comparing your prices off Fiat Currency. Say if you're up 10 or 20% on Litecoin vs USD, but LTC is down 25% vs BTC. Well, you have to exchange your LTC into BTC to cash out for your Fiat. Count in your fees, and you're not in the green anymore, you're pulling out with a loss. I just think as a channel that is doing *Excellent things for newer crypto investors, traders, enthusiasts, that this subject needs to be realized and adopted by more, if not Everyone! Besides, if done correctly, you're going to receive MUCH bigger returns. Who doesn't like more gains? 🙂
    All the best brother and keep the great content rolln!

  6. Taylor Fortes
    Taylor Fortes says:

    Hey Nick! Love your channel and what you do. I wanted to let you and everyone else know that I'm starting to sell Original Design Cryptocurrency-Themed Apparel and Accessories! Each shirt is unisex and comes in a variety of colors. I am constantly coming up with new designs and I am accepting ideas for different shirts with different coins on my website! Check them out at

  7. Ferdy
    Ferdy says:

    I think altcoins are going to grow in 2018. Cardano for example has so many things planned in their roadmap, and if they really make these plans come true, ADA will be so much "better" than BTC. Sidechains for other tokens to use on the Cardano blockchain, scalability, dApps, secure PoS instead of PoW, a big and smart team. If you compare this to Bitcoin, I think ADA is still undervalued. I agree that Bitcoin has become digital gold and if you want to buy / sell altcoins you convert them to BTC, but I think (3rd gen) altcoins will increase more percent than BTC this year.

  8. R Rivers
    R Rivers says:

    TW saw this on a Reddit post…

    20000 BTC — mkt sell order can crash the price of BTC to $100 on any exchange.

    BTC futures CBOE – allow 20% reduction in price per day.

    CBOE has a fixed settlement date.


    The Characters:

    Hedge Fund A — Wants to manipulate the mkt by betting BTC price goes down.

    Hedge Fund A's Buddies (7 of them) — Same as hedge fund A… betting BTC price goes down

    Hedge Fund B — Thinks BTC will go up – goes long BTC futures in good faith

    Hedge Fund B's Buddies — Thinks BTC price will go up.

    Mkt Maker — CBOE Exchange — makes money by issuing buy futures contracts and sell futures contracts with a difference in price… And nets together long/short contracts and hedges the remainder with physical BTC so they can not lose money… only gain from the buy/sell spread.

    The Play

    Hedge Fund A and buddies…

    Each buy 2500 BTC — a total of 20,000 BTC at a cost of 250M USD As 7 buddies — 20,000 BTC Long.

    Each take out 5,000 XBT futures contracts – short.

    As 7 buddies 40,000 short futures contracts

    Hedge Fund B: – Goes long futures — 5,000

    Hedge Fund B's buddies do the same.. as 7 — 40000 BTC futures long

    Mkt Maker — Has net exposure:

    40,000 short (opposite side to HF B & Buddies).

    40,000 long (opposite side to HF A & Buddies).

    Is perfectly netted out…. has made money from the spread between the buy and sell contract. Does not need to hedge with any physical BTC.


    Hedge Fund B — does not hedge any BTC… as this cancels out their view that BTC will rise.


    On each of the 5 days up to Futures Contract Maturity Date — HF A & Buddies sell… 20% of their physical BTC… which crashes the price.

    On futures settlement date – price is < $100. HF A & Buddies double their money.. making $250M between them.

    Who loses? HF B & Buddies… plus all the Jo Mainstreeters that bought BTC thinking the price will go up… and had set stop limit sell orders – or had bought on margin and got liquidated.

    Plus all Alt coin buyers (as the altcoin price is linked to the BTC price).

    This is an obvious play people – which can be triggered at any time due to the BTC market being unregulated…

    We saw this to a small degree last week — when BTC price dropped 15-20 % on each day running up to the settlement date. The BTC started to rise again the very hour after the BTC futures contracts expired.

    That was a test… at some point, this play will happen for real. Timed to coincide with some other news article that can be conveniently blamed.

    Be aware that BTC with futures is basically a ticking time-bomb — and Wall street and high net worth individuals that have access to futures contracts can crash the price on any future settlement date that they choose….

    BTC Is no longer a SAFE store of value

    Move your money into AltCoins.

    Stop running the bots that correlate the AltCoin Price to the BTC price.

    Govenments and regulators have spent millions of man hours installing regulations to ensure this can not happen for equities, commodities, bonds etc. Why now are we allowing this to happen to our CryptoCurrency?

    BTC with futures is now a tool for funnelling money from Main Street into Wall Street.
    True or no?????

  9. Илиан Борисов
    Илиан Борисов says:

    Hey guys i know this is not the place to ask but i dont know where and i cant find anything on the net on my own. A friend of mine wants to invest in a cloud mining website called . I told him 99% of those websites are scams but he said he thinks it is legit so i want to find out if its legit or not so i can stop him in time or invest with him. If anyone knows something please replay under this comment. Thank you !

  10. Markus Hultqvist
    Markus Hultqvist says:

    I'm waiting so badly for next video, you are the greatest and most honest guy among crypto youtubers! I hope for another "top 3 under valuated coins" I think you will pick ICX(Because what happen next week with south korea), Raiblocks(Because of upcoming binance listing) and VEN(Because the good team and project). Greetings from Sweden 🙂


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