Crypto News Time: Identity of the send of the mysterious $5 Million fee transactions has finally been revealed to be Korean Exchange Good Cycle. Feds are seriously looking at CBDC – issuing out new digital currency instead of printing physical cash.
0:00 REVEALED: Sender of $5 million transaction fees
2:39 Ngrave Wallet
3:28 Market Recap & Technical Analysis
6:01 Podcast (
6:47 Akon’s $6 Billion USD Blockchain City
7:24 Feds looking into CBDC
9:14 Is XRP a Security

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I’m not a professional financial adviser and you should always do your own research. I may hold the cryptocurrencies talked about in the video.


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  1. icey128
    icey128 says:

    I think things will be generally bearish and very volatile for a while. If you look at market cap of entire space it seems to be trending down. BTC has held well because people are holding BTC and dropping alts. I think we will see this continue until BTC dominance is much higher. BTC may only drop to 7 or 6k due to this. Worst case scenario we hit 5k or lower destroying almost all alts. At the end of the day BTC dominance needs to hit 80%+ before I think we can start truly going bull again. We will see how the dirty details play out with time but I am confident the overall premise of this will come to pass one way or another.   The only constant thing I can say for sure is that traders are actually earning good returns, while the hodlers are always worried about what the future holds for Bitcoin or whether there is even a future at all.I remember how last year at the peak of the bear market when people were losing hope, my colleague  also as usual was steadily cashing out and eventually introduced me to a pro trader named Owen Gerard whose system is so reliable, I saw my bitcoin portfolio grow by over 380% when others were selling their stash out of fear. so everybody should buy more and join the train before its goes to the Moon as Predicted, I haven't seen strategies as specific as Mr.Owen’s You can write him on  TeIegram @Owen_Trader and Whatspp: +447476704286 for reliable trading pattern to multiply your bitcoins.


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