How do we get Millions of gamers to adopt and use blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Whilst games such as Cryptokitties gained financial success, their player base dwindled rapidly. How can we fix this problem? We discuss the challenges facing Gaming with Blockchain with Veteran Game Developers from Pixelmatic Studios: Jason Lee (Company of Heroes, AoE4), Damon Gauthier (Empire Earth, CoH, Anthem) and Hope Fan (BTCC).
00:00 Crypto & Gaming
1:09 Panel Introductions
4:03 CryptoKitties Post Mortem
6:33 How did Crypto Kitties make money
14:11 Gameplay Analysis
20:31 Games with Blockchain
23:18 What is Decentralized Gaming

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24 replies
  1. RePc
    RePc says:

    The problem is that most of these games do not require a blockchain in any way. I see two categories: simple smart contract "DAPPS" and somehow real games. The issue is that the "dapps" are mostly gambling, ponzis, and useless crappy games, mostly not even considered games. On the other hand, the real big game developers are clueless, greedy, and have no real use of blockchain.
    At most, they are collectibles of some kind, or like buy something, build something and it's saved on a chain and sell it for more to someone later on. It's as useless as it gets. And also they are often labeled as DAPP, they simply are not. They are "double a" games saving some asset on the blockchain, and often their 99% centralized. It's useless to build a game just to put it, or something on a blockchain just for the sake of it. 99,9% of everything I have seen of so-called blockchain games are tries for companies to profit off the buzz and nothing more, without any real reason to have anything on the blockchain. And it's going to take some matter of time before someone really figures out how exactly and why a game should use blockchain technology.
    At the moment it's just worse and even more greedy and crappy than the whole mobile gaming sh… industry.
    Don't build games just for it to be on the blockchain, it's just not going to work…

  2. Stephen K
    Stephen K says:

    I think the main factor with a game like InfiniteFleet is that it would need to be legit good. Like a 8/10 or higher rating on Gamespot in order to attract real players and get blockchain community excited.

  3. Juan Carlos
    Juan Carlos says:

    Very interesting 👌 If you're interested, I just uploaded a video sharing in detail how channels have gotten me to subscribe to them. If you understand what gets you to subscribe to others, you can use that info to make content that gets others to subscribe to you 🙂

  4. Finxflo
    Finxflo says:

    When crypto gaming does gain adoption it will be a huge market. I'm excited to see some big names get into the space such as Ubisoft.Can you Imagine some Gran Turismo NFTs?

  5. ola art
    ola art says:

    The eosio software is primed for higher performance gaming, is based on using eosio for their platform…I believe they're working with graphics card companies to onboarding users that buy the cards to have the option to sign up for an account for gaming and get rewards for signing up, would be a great for an interview with

  6. Jake Anthony and Beyond
    Jake Anthony and Beyond says:

    I’m imagining a game like Pokémon with that strategic battle aspect on top of the collectible layer, where you could actually risk losing your Pokémon (or just a penalty). Accept, I’d wanna battle real players, not NPC’s. I think there could be an economy within the game too with a currency that could work like proof of stake! There needs to be a constant connection in the community like fortnite has, which I think is due to their constant updates which brings hype and keeps the community pretty attentive. Crypto kitties just wasn’t attractive enough.

  7. Andreas
    Andreas says:

    kitty s not for masses. why not doin a high end game and put cryptoitems on top of it ? play high end game and get items on blockchain. i would play a game like that

  8. Evan Ezquer
    Evan Ezquer says:

    Money is for sure a good incentive for people to try new stuff like crypto. Even when people calm down a bit and realise they were hyping up over a bunch of really promiscuous cats


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