Bitcoin is rallying again and trying to push past the $10,000 resistance. We’re seeing key indicators such as Bitcoin search volume increasing and pushing upwards. Reddit launches a new project on the Ethereum blockchain “moons”

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I’m not a professional financial adviser and you should always do your own research. I may hold the cryptocurrencies talked about in the video.


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  1. daledeo
    daledeo says:

    Youtube just directed me to your channel. I watched some of your videos . Great content! I clicked like and and subscribed. Can you please do a video on Orchid OXT? Thanks! <3

  2. Maria Martine
    Maria Martine says:

    Recently cryptocurrency (BTC) has been making great moves towards the green candle of breaking through the (10k) resistance before the halving, but suddenly it declines and subtract back to the (9,300usd) range and the preview of this is because of the crisis Covid19 affecting the economic livestock, due to this many investors as been selling out their profit and coins forgetting that the halving is yet to reveal. Cryptocurrency as made a lot of lame individuals like me 'rich' in the space today, the goal of making good earns from cryptocurrency was always my plan after several misfortune I succeeded in achieving (150,000usd) investing in Ether,Bitcoin and XRP with the guide of one (Mr. Garrick Hileman) who led me to the right part on how to take chances of the Cryptosphere today it was an honor and a great opportunity. for many investors out there that are not opportune enough to benefit with the cryptography, I believe this should be a great chance to take advantage of Mr. Garrick and save more this period, he can be reached on telegram (Garrick01) also (Garrickhileman01@gmail) for more enhancement on how to benefit with cryptos.


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