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50 replies
  1. Jimmy Muhammad
    Jimmy Muhammad says:

    Bitcoin (BTC) is positioned to extend its impressive streak of gains after printing its sixth green weekly candle in a row. Is it also worth noting that BTC formed a similar bullish setup on the weekly chart, which is reminiscent of its massive pump to $12,000 back in Q2 2019? With the sixth candle painted green, the odds are stacked in the bulls’ favor. According to trader Garrick Hileman, this had only happened eight times before, with six out of eight cases resulting in more upside price action. Hence, there is about a 75 percent chance that this rally will continue well into the halving that is expected to occur on May 12. I made massive cashout last week with his strategy, this is a great chance to stack up bitcoin while waiting for the bull, if you are a beginner or you are still confused on how to day trade Mr. Garrick is in a good position to guide you on the process, you can reach him on telrgram*(Garrick01)* also (Garrickhileman01@gmail) for more info.

  2. jaanisz
    jaanisz says:

    hi Nicholas! what are your long-term exit targets for bitcoin? I know about your conservative prediction that bitcoin could reach 100k in the next 2-3 years. but what are your lower targets? thanks

  3. Poutinsky _
    Poutinsky _ says:

    Mortgage Rates are absolutely NOT as low as they can be!! Banks are double dipping big time right now. Before the last fed cut, I could easily find fix 5yrs at 1.79-1.99% and a variable at 1.35% now good luck trying to find anything close. BS big time!

  4. Ray Raymond
    Ray Raymond says:

    Great video! I am leaving this post here as a form of gratitude, since that is one of the least thing I could do to appreciate the things Mr Donald has done for me Most of us has tried a lot of methods but we keep missing it because we have no personal guide.

  5. Davincij15
    Davincij15 says:

    Saying China is innovating is like saying a drug dealer is innovating on controlling its customers and making it easy buy, sell, kill and steal. Yeah thats great for a drug addict or a communist addict.

  6. simon Sobočan
    simon Sobočan says:

    Datadash, do you know anything about Celsius Network, Cred (partner with Edge) and similar product’s that are offering interest rates (up to 10% for 6 months) for leading them your crypto assets?

  7. OBrien
    OBrien says:

    Love your analysis. Unbiased and big-picture. "Trade what you see, not what you believe" is very rare in this market. Price and volume are all that matter.

  8. TheNicoliyah
    TheNicoliyah says:

    Great point about the remote working situation going forward. Ifor one have quite enjoyed not going into the office every day and will be making a request for more home working when this is all over and I suspect I am nt alone in this, add that to the potential savings that employers can make on smaller office spaces and you are looking at a massive sift in the way that people work. Commercial real estate will not do well I suspect

  9. LittlePaws
    LittlePaws says:

    Dont like china so not fussed on not hearing their news. The way their hiding the real figures of new cases/deaths etc shows them up. No other country is doing this.
    Perhaps some basic lessons on that Cleo trading site be good👍

  10. Bitknuckles Up
    Bitknuckles Up says:

    I have so much to say about the majority of topics you covered, always a plethora of information. Appreciate your insight. I was mentally moved by your end-note on the working from home aspect. How employers would see the appeal of having more of a satellite environment of employees. That rings true to me, at least from what I have seen in my general vicinity. This experience has shown a lot of people that they always could have worked from home, and employers will now bare witness to the benefits of the forced reorganization. I could go on and will probably on Cent, but thanks again for your insight, i literally take notes during your vids for research purposes. Stay safe and don't ever stop.

  11. ADDICTED 2 DeFi
    ADDICTED 2 DeFi says:

    we dont want the government developing blockchain. we are not communist china. america has allowed blockchain and crypto innovation and companies. america has even legitimized crypto by taxing it and providing guidance. i use american innovative crypto platforms. even your friend at tax bit is innovating in crypto and i am his customer. private enterprise will develop americas blockchain

  12. Martin Lubes
    Martin Lubes says:

    Hi Nick. Love your insights and analysis. Thank you and keep up the great work! Just a thought on the Chinese block chain issue. If they want to circumnavigate the US dollar monopoly, they have to make their Blockchain interact with several other work blockchains, public and private. I believe it’s part of their plan to get out from under their dollar dependency

  13. Glenn Woolum
    Glenn Woolum says:

    In the US it's the capitalists that lead the way, not usually the government. It's how the western US was developed with railroads, communications, etc…, and in most innovations that we enjoy. In China, the CCP takes on risk directly. That is a major difference between our two systems. In the capitalist structure, if companies make bad bets, it's their capital at risk, not the people's. If the CCP makes a bad bet it's the peoples capital at risk even though they create shell companies to hide their footprints. For my money, I'll choose capitalism every time. In fact even China realized it had to open up into a more capitalistic structure or risk becoming a footnote in history. Personally, I believe China can only move further towards capitalism, now that they have a taste of what it can do. Also, keep in mind that with capitalism comes the whiff of freedom being sensed by it's people. I think this foreshadows the future of China's governance.

  14. Nikolas X
    Nikolas X says:

    Amazes me that you never talk about Cardano. One of the strongest cryptos on the market. Great team, code, fully decentralized shortly. Had a great run up the other day. ADA will be back up to .09cents very soon. Basically up 100% since mid March


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