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47 replies
  1. Jaguar 42
    Jaguar 42 says:

    COVID19 was a hoax when you made this video and more clear than ever now, social distance is made up science, the masks are the allegory of a chain link fence to stop mosquitoes, other than that great video. Oh no Vaccines for me, not now not EVER

  2. S J
    S J says:

    All empires eventually give way to the next .. all we make now is. Hola social media companies , fridges , stove. In 5 years is kicking our ass in 5G infrastructure . Name 1 US company that's an industry leader in 5G?

  3. Anton Kolbasko
    Anton Kolbasko says:

    Market is full with plenty of other options! Have a look at the transaction speed of Bitcoin – it's funny 😀 And I recently discovered another cool solution for those who would like to have their own coin! I've just launched my startup company, connected it to Brand Tokens (brandtokens.io) and created my own coin in few simple steps, so my customers are rewarded with my own cryptocurrency after every service use, and they can exchange it to Bitcoin/Ethereum or use in my app to get a discount for example. In my opinion it's the best solution on the market nowadays for many types of businesses who want to scale their business! Advice you to try it indeed… They offered free trial and after 1 month I've already seen the results of customers retention!! Thank you for the video, just wanted to tell people about another good solution available on the market, not about Bitcoin which is overrated in a way…

  4. Martin Torhage
    Martin Torhage says:

    Bitcoin halving will result in reducing daily mining rewards by 900. That seems to be less than 1% of daily volume traded on exchanges. Assuming miners sell their rewards immediately, how can 1% reduced sell pressure be a big deal for the price? In 2016, before the last halving, the traded volume seem to have been much lower than today (but I don't have good data) and the halving reduced the daily mined bitcoins by twice as much, 1800. I can see how the halving was a big deal in 2016 but I cannot see how it will make a big difference this time.

  5. Anton Leimbach
    Anton Leimbach says:

    Just how poor our manufacturing base is has been exposed by COVID-19. It is now a national security issue. If we can’t produce masks and ventilators how could we hope to produce aircraft carriers, tanks, destroyers, artillery pieces, and the multitude of other things we would need for a war against a country like China? The world has seen that the emperor wears no clothes.

  6. Lucas Poteet
    Lucas Poteet says:

    Wow Nick out here dropping truth bombs. Stock buybacks makes not innovating artificially cheaper, benefits the pockets of the executives and drains money from the working class. Employees don't want to work because they care about the company, they want to work for a paycheck, something that has changed in the past few decades. Seems to be an ever growing disparity between the interests of the working class and those of the executives.

  7. Michael Perkuhn
    Michael Perkuhn says:

    I dont believe in the expanding cycles. The first top is just an exaggeration within the first cycle. And then we have 2 full 4 years cycles and a third one that we are in. Makes more sense to me regarding the halving. 🤑🙂

  8. nixnix99
    nixnix99 says:

    Look at a short eth as the bitfinex whale gets liquidated. Bitcoin isn't doing anything stocks aren't. They're 100% correlated right now. Go look for yourself. Bitcoin is a risk-on asset. Watch out when stocks crash again. Halving won't do anything. Supply will drown out any demand. Just look at oil, things can change fast.

  9. LittlePaws
    LittlePaws says:

    For over a year you maintained ur btc price target for 100k end of 2021. Now its 2022, another year later. Nick can u do a vid explaining this switch in view?
    Have my own price target but 4 ur subs be good to talk about ur updated view👍

    Good vid!

  10. Gary Lang
    Gary Lang says:

    While I acknowledge your point about buybacks, there is a competition amongst equities to provide comparable returns so they will be included in certain types of index funds with built-in tax advantages. It is a systemic issue that cannot be easily changed. 35 years ago when I was an engineer, certain tax law changes resulted in my department having to report many normal activities as R&D, just because we were acquired by a mega-corporation. Crypto may open new possibilities in the future but for now we are doing everything to make sure our coins and tokens are not considered securities. Staking projects will compete based on yield. Most projects price will be based on the Greater Fool theory.

  11. Dougie K
    Dougie K says:

    Bitcoin is making quite an impact on the economy all over the world and mainly because of its lucid usage, the easement of the process and the lucrative system that had made it approachable.

    So, of course, I have my money in bitcoin because it's the only digital asset that's capable of fetching you profit in a short period of time whether the price is up or down. You should also know that the price of bitcoin is mostly unstable which provides its traders with the opportunity to take out profit from every drop and increase. One important thing you should know about bitcoin is that hodling is risky but trading with a reliable system is the safest way to achieve success. The high risk of losing money is involved if only you do not have the experience and knowledge. That's why I only trade with one of the most effective and standard trading system offered by Jordan Meyers. He's a cryptocurrency expert based in New York and with his help, I am able to achieve at least $28,000 on a weekly basis. So I will suggest every potential investor out there to get in touch with him 0n ((TeIgram @jordmeyers and I'm quite sure he'll be delighted to coach you through his system.

  12. johnny zoltan
    johnny zoltan says:

    Although i do not agree with every thing the President says, esp. some of his tweets, I do and have since his election support his agenda having this country self sufficient. Bring back our ability to manufacture and produce items that are now out sourced abroad. This emphasis needs to continue.

  13. tendo
    tendo says:

    I would encourage you to take another look at Quant Network $QNT since your initial review of it. You had a lot of good things to say about it then, and they've grown immensely since that time. Definitely worth a look! A lot of room to grow still.

    I actually found out about it from you, so thank you!

  14. Amity45
    Amity45 says:

    Any mask other than N95 respirators will not prevent the spread of COVID completely. COVID is spread in an aerosol, which will travel through the mask. Wearing a mask helps because it reduces the distance the air blows coming out of your mouth. Masks primarily help you not to spread the virus to other people, but it might block 50% of incoming virus, and your infection would be less severe.

  15. R James
    R James says:

    Big news 🌎 that Litecoin can now be used to make direct purchases of vouchers for top companies worldwide via the Trezor hardware wallet. Amazon, Apple 🍏 and many more included…….

  16. Stephen Ivan
    Stephen Ivan says:

    thanks for sharing. I am a senior citizen, and had never invested …i got into the crypto space about 3 years ago. I have been leery of Central banks and the Fed my whole adult life. I only recently began to hear about and learn about Stock Buy Backs.. I am absolutely appalled that this is even legal. I could go on and on, but it seems like such an obvious Ponzi scheme (in a way) to benefit the few, the 1 or 2%. at the expense of the many… American History repeating itself over and over again.. How do we as a nation 'allow' such brazen robbery by the robber barons of our society. #fedup

  17. crypto0634
    crypto0634 says:

    Hi Nick-What is your current assessment of BAT? I know that adoption of the Brave browser continues to go gangbusters, but somewhat like XRP, the price of BAT does very little.

  18. chullotm1970
    chullotm1970 says:

    Please make predictions in the future and analyze that, after it happened and not say 'look at the chart…it is logical it did this or it did that' pff…you are going back in time and ur explaining what already happened! 😯😯😯

  19. totalfreedom45
    totalfreedom45 says:

    The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge. —Stephen Hawking
    1 From preschool through 12 the emphasis should be on the STEM curriculum. Extracurricular activities and sports are unimportant and should have a second and third place.
    2 China is now the world’s largest producer of scientific articles and will surpass the US in R&D funding by 2030.
    💕 ☮ 🌎 🌌

  20. JC 3889
    JC 3889 says:

    Nick, thank you so much!! I really love your videos and perspectives.

    When the other countries sitting here complaining about China digging the ugliest news of China, China keeps moving forward and trying to prove the world. Stop complaining and find solutions people!!!

  21. UnknownEssense
    UnknownEssense says:

    You are wrong about Stock Buybacks. They are just like dividends, but with better tax efficiency.
    The only differences is the company that YOU own, is giving you some of the profits in the form of a small percentage of the company, rather than US Dollars (because taking shares off the market means the shares you own represent a larger % of the company). If you own a company, you should get some of the profits they make. Either dividends or stock buybacks.

    Buybacks are better because dividends are taxes as income when it is given (constantly taxed). However with buybacks, I as the shareholder get to choose when I pay the tax (when I sell) and it's taxes as capital gains, not income.

    Yes, buybacks artificially increase the stock price (by decreasing the outstanding supply), but it does not artificially increase the market cap, that stays the same.

    It's just like a token burn. Should I or anyone else not be allowed to burn my tokens? Companies SHOULD be able to buyback their stock, and I should be able to buy Bitcoin and burn it if I want also. Same concept.

  22. Monstrosity
    Monstrosity says:

    Too many jobs that only put strain on the gdp. Ie finance, law, govt, non technical service industry is debatable as they all should be automated for optimal efficiency for growth quality and cost but non of these mentioned make an actual product and these make up a huge part of the economy unfortunately


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