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  1. Mehdi
    Mehdi says:

    i appreciate a lot what you do! truly … i appreciate more your kindness to spread the word about how people should see perceve and comprehend all ICO all the cryptocurrency trend … there are some good ones there are some bad ones … yet just few talk sincerely about what it really take to make a project, and ICO is really easy, a coin you can make it in a day, now you get mostly everything in the internet! the difficult part is to find THAT ICO the really have something huge behind and that take learning, research and some knowledge … and not pecking ICO just for the branding thing!
    a project is really complicated to do, the challenge is enormous and critical study about ICO is needed before,
    i really wish to discuss some ideas of ICO and cryptocurrency that yes they may have something huge behind…

  2. Scott French
    Scott French says:

    A lot of failed HYIP bitcoin scams are shifting to ICOs. ICOs are hot and crypto users are getting into them. The scammers know this and they are setting up get rich scams to capitalize on this trend.

  3. andyatcrux
    andyatcrux says:

    Ivan on Tech, thanks for this channel. You are doing a great service with this sort of video. Many people out there have been trying to educate people that are new to this space but you bring a higher level of credibility as a developer and you have the subscriber level to make a difference.

  4. raxmouse
    raxmouse says:

    7:07 My guess is a known american youtuber who have a "4" on his channelname, he has made a reputation within the community to engage a lot of people towards ICO's- He also has a enthusiastic view on projects and he is not in it for the only purpose of quick money.

    Projects saw that and thought about other youtubers with influence, such as yourself, and tried to make some marketing. It is the same market psychology as it always been and Cryptospace have had "influential superstars" before, who remembers "Emc2whale" aka Bobsurplus(RIP)? ^^

    But the "trendline" within "youtubers" started this summer, you are doing it 100% right of thinking about yr reputation. You have a great channel Ivan å det är gött att se en sån kunnig och duktig Svensk inom området, ska donera åt dig när jag ids.

  5. Aethart
    Aethart says:

    this video has really made me respect you a lot more mate, it says a lot about your honesty, thank you.
    btw your videos are great, you do your presentations very well keep it up

  6. gowd gadury
    gowd gadury says:

    about 10 days ago crypto started having a dip so maybe new investors are looking more into ico's as they are advertised everywhere and people are curious thats why all the emails asking…good vid cheers

  7. Langfocus
    Langfocus says:

    There's lots of propaganda at the moment. There are tons of people out there pumping coins for bounties. If I'm not mistaken, that kind of thing is highly illegal with securities.

  8. Phylax
    Phylax says:

    I think there came a shift in focus from Cryptocurrencies to ICO's because people are looking for the new Ethereum or Litecoin. The Big Boys and Girls are inflated and the profit margin small.
    They want to buy in at $1 and want see the same 500% increase the ETH en LTC did. Some of them will strike it lucky…I hope!

  9. CSF Competitive Shooting Fitness
    CSF Competitive Shooting Fitness says:

    As a developer for many years most people do not fathom the effort and dangers involved in software dev. hey nearly 100% of projects fail (yes 100%). mised timelines budget overrun etc. These ICO Whitepapers are lies and damn lies (I call them buzzword compliant). If you do not understand SW dev. stay away plain and simple stick to working beta products you will be far ahead and understand what you are investing in.

  10. o g
    o g says:

    I'm glad you're bringing this up. Unlike those sellouts like boxmining and crypt0, you care about your reputation instead of a small short term gain. Thanks Ivan! 👍

  11. sonah 32
    sonah 32 says:

    Great vid like always. Short, concise, no-hype, logical analysis…I think this ico rage is due to newcomers to the crypto sphere.They want to make their million like others who entered in crypto earlier.

  12. Bram Haenraets
    Bram Haenraets says:

    I bet those emails came flooding in at around the same time the market turmoil began, people are panicking and desperate to boost their investments. Humans are irrational creatures who are incapable of long-term thinking.

  13. Neo Matrix
    Neo Matrix says:

    Happy to say I feel the same way. I have completely stayed away from ICO's. I'm just in to Eth, Bitcoin and Litecoin for the long run. P.S Good job for not selling out like other Youtubers.

  14. H.A. Alfinger
    H.A. Alfinger says:

    Yesterday i join to your channel and today think that i did the right decision, beacuse a lot of people talk about altcoins in youtube and only say "this gonna be huge" "buy and hold" and nothing more. They not even know the tech behind the coin, and this make doubt of they, but is a good indicator if you want to go in and pump. However think this its bad for altcoin with a serious proposal. Keep you good work Ivan.

  15. Grunger
    Grunger says:

    I found out a few days ago it's very easy to launch your own coin after I seen that YouTuber 'Crypto Trading Pro' talking about his new 'Grind Coin'… If you wanna get a good laugh in go check it out…


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