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  1. Shawn Liang
    Shawn Liang says:

    If you like Sci-Fi, you really should read the award-winning Three-body Problem trilogy by Cixin Liu. It's absolutely mind-blowing!!!!! I am only my way to become a developer!! Still in school!!!

  2. owl frisky
    owl frisky says:

    my attention is not very good for reading books, but i love to watch videos and documentaries. youtbe is full of lots of people like yourself who explain things very well. and documentaries you can download from internet can teach you a lot. even my career i mainly learnt from watching videos

  3. SK
    SK says:

    About to start reading The Three-Body Problem by Liu Cixin. Never read scifi by a Chinese author before, but I've heard really good things about it.

  4. Nick Hornig
    Nick Hornig says:

    "Black Swans", "Wolf Hall", "Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet", "Catch 22", "The Rose of Tibet", "Kolymsky Heights" "Cloud Atlas", "Complicity", "Ghostwritten", "Breakfast of Champions", "Ghost", "Understanding the Present" and "Antifragile".

  5. João de Carvalho
    João de Carvalho says:

    "Thinking, Fast and Slow", by Daniel Kahneman and "The Righteous Mind", by Jonathan Haidt. Both of them are social and cognitive psychology books. This revolution — which is happening in neuroscience, psychology, evolutionary biology, and other sciences — is not in the spotlights as AI or blockchain, but its implications will be huge. Humans are being understood.

    Is this how the sun looks like in the summer in Sweden?


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