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  1. aaker
    aaker says:

    Love your videos, it's awsome how you explain complex things in few words! It would be grate if you made a video explaining how to keep safe our cryptos. Diferent kind of wallets and that stuf. Thanks for the teaching!

  2. gtg502x
    gtg502x says:

    Hi Ivan, thank you for your great videos. What do you think about using blockchain technology for electronic medical records? In the US, it is currently very difficult for patients to send their medical information from one hospital to another. Some say that putting the data on a blockchain may help fix this problem. Others feel that medical record information cannot be kept private on the blockchain and that it is too large to be on the blockchain. Thank you.

  3. LPFan4
    LPFan4 says:

    Hi, Ivan!
    Do you think top cryptocurrencies will eventually run out of zeros as their prices rise? It could be a deal breaker for Gas(ETH). In other words is the number of zeros finite?

  4. Theo Brunel
    Theo Brunel says:

    Hello Ivan!
    Can you please do a video on how the currency exchanges like Poloniex work?
    Do the blockchains log the fact that currency was exchanged, or just the fact I sent Bitcoin on the BTC blockchain and recieved Ether on the ETH blockchain? Does this mean that exchanges are not traceable?

  5. owl frisky
    owl frisky says:

    1. Vim or Emacs ?
    2. Bitcoin became dominant because it was a first mover type situation +/- silkroad. Ethereum looks to become the next dominant coin because of its technological superiority. Do you forsee any other new/small coin becoming big in the future, and for what reason?
    3. Do you think in the future people will know ethereum or will they use ethereum without realising it. Like people don't know html or networking but use facebook on their phone browser for instance.
    4. If you had to redesign ethereum or bitcoin, what would you do differently?
    5. How will we deal with an increasingly sized blockchain. What happens when it becomes very big or requires a lot of data per second that it makes it hard for home users. Would this make it more centralised if common people have trouble hosting a full node?
    6. What industry are you most excited about changing/revolutionising with the help of cryptocurrency/blockchain technology?

    Thank you even if you answer just 1 question. I love your channel and have been watching for more than a month almost!

  6. Pratik Shetty
    Pratik Shetty says:

    Decentralized Wikipedia Lunyr raised $3.2 Million dollar doing an ICO. What's your opinion on their business model? I think the project is a waste of time and money but there are many people who are totally into this project.

  7. Henry Espinosa
    Henry Espinosa says:

    Great info you put out! I just got into my conversion of dollars to cryptocurrency! I have a jaxx wallet but I'm having some problems & tech support says their having issues with iOS! Any suggestions on a reliable & ease of user interface?? Thanks!!

  8. Timothy Wilson
    Timothy Wilson says:

    If others can build an independent coin, such as King from Kik, what makes ether valuable and let's say Apple decides to make its own cryptocurrency on ethereum, wouldn't that be the more valuable coin that everyone wanted to trade with? Thank you! My apology if this is simple. I'm new to this technology and space.

  9. Zener
    Zener says:

    What do you think happens to its price when a cryptocurrency reaches its max supply? And what happens in general to a cryptocurrency that is going to reach its max supply?

  10. Malteser Lover
    Malteser Lover says:

    Hi, love your videos and all the topics you choose. Hate the bubbles!!
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
    Would like to know about private keys and seed phrases, and I agree with the suggestion for a simple "Hello World" Solidity program.

  11. LilPawn
    LilPawn says:

    Hello Ivan
    First off, thank you for the great videos and sharing your incredible technical knowledge with us. Your a real gem on this subject on youtube. However:

    As we know Stratis an Ethereum are similar in many ways. They both are capable of blockckain apps if understood correctly. What are such apps, do they get implemented into the crypto blockchain or is it an independent app, that can be used by customers, if they wish to(Enhancing the exp in various ways)?

    In addition, are such apps only locked to the respective crypto blockchain or can they be mixed up?

    And how do you think various cryptos can coexist in the future?

  12. Henrik Wallin
    Henrik Wallin says:

    Can you show us how to make a really simple Ethereum application? Something like Hello World almost. Or generally where to start reading as a programmer that want to make some sort of Ethereum app?


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