UPDATE ON THIS VIDEO HERE: https://youtu.be/b7UtmmXSrT0

Oil is seeing its lowest price in history while having its worst day in history. When recording the video it was down with 45%, but on the moment of posting it’s down 60% today to a price of $7,70.

The 3 main purposes of crude oil are all hit hard by the corona virus. Aviation, transport over roads and industry. Because the demand has crashed extremely hard, the supply and demand is out of balance, especially because the supply is artificially fixed by the OPEC countries, resulting in an historic crash…

On the other hand stocks are acting weird. The impact of the virus on the economy is undeniable, but still stocks are bouncing harder than expected, with Amazon even setting new all-time highs like nothing is happening.

And what about Bitcoin?…

Not professional advice.

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  1. Nicole Kelton
    Nicole Kelton says:

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  2. Eric Swells
    Eric Swells says:

    I'm surprised that you're surprised about Amazon. Everyone is sitting at home, watching Prime video, and ordering everything on there vs going out. Their profits are through the roof right now.

  3. Tots
    Tots says:

    they will just close the futures, cancel all trades taken and roll over to the next futures contract…. The actual price of oil (CL) is still 22.50$ right now… and that will be the price they use for trading

  4. Paul King
    Paul King says:

    LOL you said it OIL just like a crypto shit coin. Exept one thing I look out of my window and see cars using OIL. I have started to buy Royal Dutch Shell shares today and will build up my position over the next year. My target is to sell when OIL returns to 40 dollars ( the price of profitable oil production in the USA ) that's my bet. I like your view of the situation, thanks.


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