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  1. DataBass
    DataBass says:

    Wait a minute, this video was uploaded three years ago and you said that 10 years ago you were six seven or eight… Either this is a reupload or you are severely younger than I thought you were

  2. dandan8787
    dandan8787 says:

    My programming story started by a friend of mine showing me HTML when I was 13. I wasn't impressed or intrigued, but I did understand enough about computers to see the potential. Fast forward 18 years and I'm trying to learn how to code Bitcoin in Python with your help. I really want to understand. Programming is like magic to me, and I would love to understand more. Please keep the Bitcoin programming courses coming, please. Tack för dina videor, de är skit bra, kör hårt!

  3. Juan
    Juan says:

    I used to play Runecape also – Didnr get hacked unfortunately since you got the opportunity to get into programming. I was once the lowest combat level which was combat level of 30 , 99 Attack, 30 strength and 10 defense. I ended uo getting the Attack cape. Also accomplished 99 Agility, 99 Woodcutting, and 99 Firemaking haha. My username was Playfaironrs, which meant Play Fair On Runescape. (:

  4. J M
    J M says:

    When I was 9, I'm still playing on dirt :P. I was exposed to computers and the internet late like when I'm around 14 or so. and now I'm studying computer science and I don't know what will be my future lol :D. I'm still amazed that I can cope up with my classmates that live with computers, gadgets, and stuffs in their childhood and I don't really have a plan to comment so I'll just fly away like a bee..
    … or a sonic plane cuz they're really fast and when they surpass the speed of sound like boooom!!!

    or ill just fly like an owl. cuz they're cool and they fly silently..

    also most of them are cute so yeah

    ( ) : : : ( )

    hoot hoot kroo kroo kroo

  5. owl frisky
    owl frisky says:

    my story is different. i play runescape and was just cutting trees, i was bored so i started asking other people about maths/science questions. sometimes people answered and then i would just talk more. its interesting and in the time when cutting trees i would research some technology etc, it help me get good marks and now im doing very well 🙂


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